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Spotlight report on Sustainable Development 2017: Reclaiming policies for the public

Aviation Expansion in Indonesia: Tourism, Land Struggles, Economic Zones and Aerotropolis Projects

TWN Statement to M’sian media on US Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

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Bonn Climate Change Conference, 8-18 May 2017




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Issue No.319/320 (Mar/Apr 2017)

COVER: Automation, digitalisation and the gig economy: Implications for developing countries

Articles include:

  • Automation, robots and the threat of economic disruption in developing countries
  • Robots and industrialisation in developing countries
  • Digitalisation and the gig economy: Implications for the developing world
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Issue No. 639 (16-30 Apr 2017)

WTO investment facilitation debate throws up several concerns

Articles include:

  • Investment facilitation and links to China's BRI
  • WHO DG-elect faces herculean task on "health as rights issue"
  • Slow growth stalls progress on SDGs
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Last updated on 18 August 2017

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