We are pleased to introduce you to the Third World Resurgence magazine. This monthly magazine is published by the Third World Network which has its international secretariat based in Penang. The aim of the magazine is to give a Third World perspective to the whole range of issues confronting the Third World namely, the environment, health and basic needs, international affairs, politics, economics, culture, and so on. Thus, a team of Third World journalists and researchers have been assembled to contribute to Third World Resurgence.

Issue No.314/315 (Oct/Nov 2016)

After the TPP… Whither the RCEP?


Issue No.312/313 (Aug/Sept 2015)
Climate casualties: Aspects of the devastating impact of climate change on the South

Issue No.310/311 (Jun/Jul 2016)
Neoliberalism on the wane?

Issue No.309 (May 2016)
The London summit: Corruption, capital flight and tax havensy

Issue No.307/308 (Mar/Apr 2016)
Uncertainty and gloom pervade the global economy

Issue No.305/306 (Jan/Feb 2016)
The Paris Agreement: A small step towards averting climate disaster

Issue No.303/304 (Nov/Dec 2015)
Why we should say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Issue No.301/302 (Sept/Oct 2015)
Global tourism growth: Remedy or ruin?

Issue No.300 (Aug 2015)
The Third International Conference on Financing for Development: A retrogressive and dissapointing outcome

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