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This section is on WTO issues and current developments. It is a speciality of the TWN website. You will find current news and in-depth analysis of the WTO negotiations and the WTO agreements, from the perspective of developing countries. Documents are placed in the following categories: (Special): Negotiations and news on the  Seattle Conference; (Special) Selection of the Director-General; (B) General trade issues; (C) General investment issues; (D) General WTO issues; E) Uruguay Round Agreements; (F) WTO "New Issues"; (G) Previous WTO conferences; (H) Dispute Settlement System; (I) MAI/OECD process. (J) NGO views and activities on the WTO, MAI and others.


Click here for our special feature on the first ever G77 South Summit in Havana on 10-14 April 2000.

Click here for our special feature on the 1999 Seattle WTO Ministerial process: Negotiations and News on the Seattle Conference. For reports of previous conferences see section G below.

Click here for our special feature on the Selection of the WTO Director-General: A Detailed Account and Analysis of the Events and Implications. 

A. Most recent negotiations and events in WTO (including post-Doha and post-Cancun news)

B. General issues on trade and trade policy

C. General issues on investment and investment policy

D. WTO: General issues, analysis and critiques

E. Uruguay Round Agreements: Analysis,Problems,Effects & Proposals for Change

F. WTO: "New Issues" (Information and Analysis)

G. WTO Conferences and other events: Reports and Analysis

H. Dispute settlement system and development


J. NGO views and activities on the WTO, MAI and others

K. TWN Info Service on WTO Issues





wto guide
The World Trade Organisation:
A Guide to the Framework for International Trade

by B L Das
...detailed and intelligible guide to the intricacies of the WTO agreements ...for those who need to understand the new multilateral framework for world trade.

Intellectual Property Rights, the WTO and Developing Countries:
The TRIPS Agreement and Policy Options

by Carlos M. Correa


The WTO and its Dispute Settlement System:Tilting the balance against the South
by Chakravarthi Raghavan
Click here for the paper
PDF version at US$6

Strengthening Developing Countries in the WTO
by B.L.Das
Click here for the paper
PDF version at US$6

What's New

The Implications of the New Issues in the WTO
by B.L.Das
More info


new book
Dangers of negotiating investment and competition rules in the WTO
by B.L.Das
More info


new book
WTO:Challenges for Developing Countries in the Near Future
by B.L.Das
More info




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