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21 November 2019
Third World Network

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you a new report by IT for Change based on empirical research on the changing landscape of the global economy titled Platform Planet: Development in the Intelligence Economy.

The report examines the impact of data and its use as a key resource in the growing production process commonly known as the "platform model".  This incisive analysis exposes the highly inequitable impacts of of "platformization" on developing countries.

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Third World Network

Platform Planet: Development in the Intelligence Economy

Greetings from IT for Change,

Whether in mainstream popular discourse or research, ‘the platform turn’ in economic organization has garnered widespread attention. Once buoyant discourses that celebrated ‘innovation’, ‘opportunity’ and ‘disruption’ brought forth by the platform model today jostle with equally concerned echoes around the ‘Amazonification’ of the economy. The past few years have been witness to the rise and rise of tech monopolies and a no-holds barred expansion of the digital into the everyday.

On the one hand global currents of platformization have resulted in adverse terms of market engagement for smaller or less powerful players and real-world outcomes for local development. On the other, institutions have struggled to respond to the public policy making imperative in relation to the platform economy.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new report, ‘Platform Planet: Development in the Intelligence Economy’ that synthesizes findings from a two year multi-country, cross-sectoral research program led by IT for Change.

Our report analyzes and shows how platforms – as network-data architectures that orchestrate production and exchange – restructure socio-economic relations. Proceeding from an analysis of production systems and value creation, the report traces the transformation from size-scale to intelligence-scale economies and the undisputed rise of data as the new resource over which a planetary struggle for power emerges.

We invite you to read our report and delve into the many insights that have come from this project or take a look at our executive summary for a quick snapshot of findings. Please consider sharing and circulating widely among your networks.

Additionally, we will be sharing more outputs including policy briefs, case studies and policy overviews over the next few weeks. Traversing different domains, geographies and political-economic contexts from across 14 sites, these outputs capture a deep-dive exploration of the platformization phenomenon. Be on the lookout for more exciting updates from our end.