Issue No. 687, 16-30 April 2019
UNCTAD makes case for a Global Green New Deal

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Global Green New Deal needed to deliver on 2030 Agenda
A UN agency presents the case for a Global Green New Deal to reverse the ills of the current world economic environment and realize the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goals.
by Kanaga Raja

Palestinian economy at an all-time low, says UNCTAD
A UN development body has highlighted the ruinous impact of the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian economy.
by Kanaga Raja

E-com duties moratorium “asymmetrical” for South
South Africa and India have argued in the WTO against maintaining the current halt to customs duties on electronic transmissions, saying that the freeze is eroding public revenues in developing countries and hurting their digital industrialization prospects.
by D. Ravi Kanth

Appointment of Jamaican envoy as rules chair blocked
WTO member states have failed to agree on a new chairperson for the negotiating body handling the fisheries subsidies talks, which are currently hamstrung by divisions over, among other issues, differential treatment for developing countries.
by D. Ravi Kanth

End the United Nations-World Economic Forum partnership agreement
In an open letter to the UN Secretary-General, over 250 national and international civil society groups have denounced the UN’s “strategic partnership” with the World Economic Forum, calling it a form of “corporate capture” that undermines the independence and effectiveness of the multilateral body. The text of the September open letter is reproduced below.


Counter-cyclical fiscal policy needed to counter economic downturn
In light of the declining economic outlook, developing-country governments should turn to counter-cyclical expansionary fiscal policy, spending not only to buffer the downswing but also to lay the foundations for longer-term development.
by Jomo Kwame Sundaram

How multinationals continue to avoid paying hundreds of billions of dollars in tax
Miroslav Palanský explains how multinational firms dodge taxes, depriving countries of much-needed revenue, and how to put an end to this practice.

Billionaires are a sign of economic failure
Max Lawson questions the economic and social utility of extreme wealth.