Development, agriculture and climate change

The Global Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change will be held at The Hague on 31 October to 5 November 2010. It is organized by the Government of the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the Governments of Ethiopia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Vietnam, the World Bank and the FAO. The conference website is available at

The conference aims to set a new international agenda on linkages between agriculture and climate change including through a “Roadmap for Action”. The Roadmap is supposed to elaborate concrete actions linking agriculture-related investments, policies and measures, to the transition to lower carbon-emitting climate resilient growth.

It is crucial that the Hague Conference advances a development-oriented agenda on agriculture and climate change, which has at its centre, issues of concern to developing countries – including food security, livelihood security and rural development – especially given that developing countries will suffer disproportionately more from the effects of climate change.  However, while there is broad agreement about the need to address the linkages between development, agriculture and climate change, developed and developing countries may differ on how to address these linkages.

A key question is whether developed countries will change their current intensive models of agriculture or rely on developing countries to mitigate emissions, including through offsetting projects in developing countries that rely on carbon market mechanisms. Linked to this is the question of whether new and additional public funding will be forthcoming for climate change, including for agriculture and in particular, adaptation efforts, in developing countries. Another key issue is the need to provide research, institutional, policy and funding support towards ecological agriculture.

Please find attached an Informal Note by the South Centre which summarizes the linkages between development, agriculture and climate change; the role of the Hague Conference; potential areas where the interests and strategies among developed and developing countries may diverge; and possible elements of a development-oriented roadmap to advance the interests of developing countries.

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South Centre
Informal Note 63 - Issue Paper on Hague Conference on Agriculture Food and Climate
(Oct 2010)