Issue No. 339/340 (2019)

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COVER: The Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

The global threat of antimicrobial resistance
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major and serious problem. It represents possibly the greatest global crisis in public health today, akin to climate change as the top environmental problem.  
By Martin Khor

New UN report calls for urgent action to avert antimicrobial resistance crisis
The United Nations, international agencies and experts on 29 April released a groundbreaking report demanding immediate, coordinated and ambitious action to avert a potentially disastrous drug-resistance crisis.

Global governance to tackle antimicrobial resistance: The way forward
The Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance was convened by the UN Secretary-General in March 2017 to tackle the scourge on a global scale.
By Haileyesus Getahun and Hanan Balkhy

Gearing up against the AMR threat in Asia
The challenges confronted by the region that faces the greatest impact from the antimicrobial resistance crisis, and how it can deal with them, were addressed by a recent workshop held in Penang, Malaysia.

Tackling AMR starts with the environment
AMR containment in the waste and environment sector has largely been neglected.
By Amit Khurana and Rajeshwari Sinha.

Antibiotics found in global rivers exceed ‘safe’ levels, study finds
Some of the world's most iconic rivers contain antibiotics in concentrations that exceed safety standards, according to a global study testing hundreds of rivers across six continents.
By Madison Dapcevich

Climate crisis may have been pivotal in rise of drug-resistant superbug, study warns
Recent research has shown that the linkages between the climate crisis and antimicrobial resistance may be deeper and longer than thought.
By Jessica Corbett


A true champion of the people and the environment
The death in May of S M Mohamed Idris, the founder of the Third World Network, has robbed civil society, both local and international, of one of its finest embodiments.
By Martin Khor


Human well-being threatened by ‘unprecedented’ rate of biodiversity loss
 ‘Our destruction of biodiversity and ecosystem services has reached levels that threaten our well-being at least as much as human-induced climate change,’ says the chair of an expert panel on the subject.
By Mike Shanahan

World hunger is on the rise
There are many misconceptions as to the nature of the problem of poverty in the midst of plenty and its resolution.
By Timothy A Wise

Another missed opportunity for meaningful agrarian change in South Africa
To quell the simmering discontent that has built up in South Africa over the structure of land ownership, an advisory panel on land reform was set up under the aegis of the President.
By Marc Wegerif



Trade tensions, policy uncertainty weakening global growth
The global growth outlook has weakened amid unresolved trade tensions and elevated international policy uncertainty, with growth projections for 2019 downgraded across both developed and developing countries.
By Kanaga Raja

Trump and China
Much of Trump’s trade war is pure political theatre.
By Richard D Wolff

India’s shadow banking crisis is intensifying
India is currently facing a liquidity crisis as both commercial and shadow banks have tightened their lending.
By Kavaljit Singh

Another IMF bailout in Argentina
Argentina is experiencing another recession, this time under right-wing president Mauricio Macri, who has once again turned to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for help. Will this time be different?
By Alan Cibils

Ghana’s gold remains in the hands of multinational corporations
The disproportionate focus on corruption of national leaders distracts from the systemic theft of national wealth by multinational corporations.
By Celina della Croce


Brazil: From global leader to US follower
Under the far-right Bolsonaro, Brazil is abandoning its regional leadership to align with US interests in Latin America.
By Helder do Vale

Does might truly make right?
There is no end to the turmoil in the Middle East and currently there are at least three full-scale sieges going on in the region.
By Gary Sick

The Notre Dames of Gaza: Our mosques and churches are also burning
Few paused to give thought to the pain experienced by the Palestinians when their churches and mosques are almost routinely bombed and blown up by the Israelis.
By Ramzy Baroud


Reclaiming heritage: Bilingual education in Guatemala
The Guatemalan educational system continues teaching Indigenous children only in Spanish, despite the large number of legal instruments that support intercultural bilingual education.
By Diana Pastor


The post-election challenges for Indonesia’s feminist movement
While the increase in the number of women elected to the national legislature in the recent Indonesian elections is to be welcomed, this can hardly be celebrated as a triumph for feminism.
By Dyah Ayu Kartika


Share the wealth, not the misery
Despite scepticism on the left, France’s Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement has moved on from demands about petrol prices to a broader anti-capitalist struggle.
By Paul Cudenec


The suppression of musical culture in Gaza
The practice and presence of music in Gaza is limited, neglected and sometimes not even welcomed.
By Salsabeel H Hamdan


Feng Chih (1905-1993) was a Chinese poet, writer and translator. He was also the director and then honorary director of the Institute of Foreign Literature.
By Feng Chih

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