Issue No. 337/338 (Jan/Feb 2019)

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COVER: Containing Chavismo, Overthrowing Maduro: The US War Against Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela
A former UN human rights rapporteur contends that Venezuela's crisis is the result of the cumulative impacts of 20 years of internal and external war, financial blockade and sanctions imposed by the US.
By Alfred de Zayas

Venezuela: The epicentre of the 'Pink Tide' and now of the right-wing rollback
The attempt to roll back Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution must be seen as part of a determined effort to pry open all economies to transnational capital - it's about access.
By Greg Wilpert

Blackouts as a weapon for regime change
Electricity blackouts have been a regular feature in the campaign led by Juan Guaido to overthrow Maduro, the blackouts cited as evidence of the incompetence of the Maduro regime. However, it now transpires that Guaido had been a participant in a US-funded organisation geared for regime change.
By Max Blumenthal

The origins of Venezuela's economic crisis
Venezuela has become a popular argument against socialism amongst conservatives because of the deep economic crisis it is currently traversing. Defenders of the Bolivarian project, though, say that US sanctions and economic war are to blame for the crisis.
By Greg Wilpert

Getting real with the US sanctions imposed on Venezuela
There appears to be some confusion about the sanctions imposed by the US on Venezuela. The writer clarifies.
By Alexander Campbell

US sanctions killed over 40,000 Venezuelans since 2017
A new study reveals that Trump's animosity towards Venezuela has caused grave harm to the most vulnerable Venezuelan social groups.

A ship adrift: Cuba after the Pink Tide
With Venezuela in crisis and the Pink Tide in decline, what's next for Cuba?
By Sujatha Fernandes


Emissions inequality: there is a gulf between global rich and poor
American Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez created waves in Washington with the release of an outline of her Green New Deal.
By Nicholas Beuret


Why is the US government allowing its own drug research to be monopolised for profit?
What is the rationale of the US government granting a pharmaceutical company the monopoly over the distribution of a drug which has been researched at public expense?
By Ryan Cooper

Universal healthcare in Africa is a necessity for genuine development
Making the case for a universal healthcare system in Africa, it is argued that any genuine development strategy cannot be successful without the maintenance of a healthy and productive youth population, workforce and senior sectors of the population.
By Abayomi Azikiwe


The case for a financial transaction tax
There has been a revival of interest in a financial transaction tax, especially in the US where several Democratic Party lawmakers have even introduced bills in Congress to realise this tax. However, there is still much confusion about this tax.
By Kavaljit Singh


Algeria's uprising: The beginning of the end of 'Le Pouvoir'?
A young generation in Algeria is determined to go beyond the usual arrangements between parties and the establishment to produce radical change. The slogan in the streets is 'The people want to bring down the system.'
By Tin Hinane El Kadi

What is behind the economic and political crisis in Sudan?
Since 2018, demonstrations have erupted in all the major cities of Sudan demanding the ouster of the ruling regime. While the National Congress Party of General Omar al-Bashir has resigned, the Army is still holding out.
By Rabah Omer

The ousting of Bashir: Coup or popular uprising?
This is an analysis of the eruption of civil disorder motivated by different actors against Sudan's government which successfully led to the ousting of President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir on 11 April.
By Beny Gideon

Africa as colonial as ever: US' 'new Africa strategy' old oil in new bottles
Months after US National Security Advisor John Bolton announced the 'new Africa strategy', the US' new policy has killed civilians, exploited Africa's resources and used the continent as a battleground for provoking tensions with Russia and China.
By Cale Holmes and Erica Jung

Diego Garcia: The 'unsinkable carrier' springs a leak
A court ruling against colonial exploitation could threaten a strategic US military base in the Indian Ocean. Indigenous advocates say it's about time.
By Conn Hallinan

The Modi years
The Narendra Modi years in India have witnessed an authoritarian imposition upon society by an increasingly centralised state, the setting up of one segment of society against another and the promotion of a cult of hatred, behind which the state acts directly in corporate interests.
By Prabhat Patnaik

Campaign to criminalise criticism of Israel: A challenge to free speech, Jewish values
Attempts are being made in the US Congress to silence critics of Israel by making it illegal to advocate boycotts against that country even though such moves would violate the US Constitution's First Amendment protecting free speech.
By Allan C Brownfeld

The anti-Semitic con
A favourite tactic of Israeli authorities in responding to any criticism of Israel is to accuse the critic of being anti-Semitic. It quite often silences the critic.
By Paul Edwards

The Assange arrest is a warning from history
The shocking arrest of Julian Assange carries a message for all those who sow the seeds of discontent: What happened to Assange can happen to you.
By John Pilger

Why the prosecution of Julian Assange is troubling for press freedom
After a seven-year standoff at the Ecuadorean embassy in London, British police arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - a development press freedom advocates had long feared.
By Alexandra Ellerbeck and Avi Asher-Schapiro


Feminist Palestinian lawmaker free after 20 months in prison without trial
The incarceration of a Palestinian lawmaker for nearly two years without trial highlights the abuse by Israeli authorities in the use of administrative detention. This abuse has been going on for so long without attracting any Western chastisement.


No revolution without feminism: Weaving together Venezuela's feminist movements
Amidst a complex reality, feminist movements in Venezuela look to advance their struggle and build unity.
By Richardo Vaz


Yellow Vest movement struggles to reinvent democracy as Macron cranks up propaganda and repression
Originally viewed as a protest movement against a hike in taxes on diesel fuel, the Yellow Vest movement has since emerged as a massive self-organised social movement which is prepared to challenge the very foundations of French society.
By Richard Greeman


The West's irrational fear of Iran is a disaster waiting to happen
The West must come to terms with its irrational fear of Iran. The continuance of the current hostile attitude towards the Islamic Republic can only result in a disaster in which the West comes out worse.
By Seyed Mohammad Marandi


The dictators
As more countries in Latin America move to the Right, there has been a tendency to whitewash the rule by military dictators during much of the 20th century. The following poem by Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) should serve as a reminder of how bloody the rule of these dictators was.
Pablo Neruda

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