Issue No. 335/336 (2018)

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COVER: Fleshing out the implementation of the Paris Agreement

UN climate change conference ushers in 'Katowice Climate Package'
The annual UN climate talks succeeded in producing the rules for the implementation of the Paris climate treaty, dubbed the 'Katowice Climate Package'.
By Meena Raman and Evelyn Teh

Decisions for implementation of Paris Agreement adopted
Decisions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (PA) were adopted a day later than initially scheduled for the closure of the UN climate change conference in Katowice.
By Meena Raman

The key decisions on the Paris Agreement implementation rules
The following article provides a brief analysis of some of the key decisions of the Katowice climate conference and the fights that went on prior to their adoption.
By Meena Raman

Important finance decisions adopted at climate talks
The Katowice UN climate change conference also adopted several important decisions on finance. The article below presents highlights of the decisions adopted, along with some of the contentious issues raised.
By Indrajit Bose and Meena Raman

The importance of equity and finance for more climate ambition
Speakers at a side-event at Katowice highlighted the linkage between finance and climate ambition, stressing that developing countries will only dare commit themselves to greater emission cuts when they are assured that the monies pledged will come through.
By Prerna Bomzan

COP 24: An Indigenous Peoples' view
Indigenous Peoples from around the world participated in the Katowice climate change conference.  
By Andrea Carmen

Remembering a champion of climate justice
The following is the text of a eulogy delivered at the funeral on 21 December of Bernarditas Mueller, who had represented developing countries in various capacities in the UN climate negotiations over the years.
By Vice Yu

Landmark report on Himalayan mountains raises dire climate change warnings
Global warming will have detrimental effects on the timing and magnitude of streamflows and hence water supplies in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, which forms the origin of 10 major river basins and sustains the livelihood of 240 million people.
By Prerna Bomzan

Reclaiming control of Indonesia's oceans
Indonesian activists are helping to build a global movement to resist the financialisation and privatisation of the world's oceans.
By Salena Tramel

Climate change in Africa: Is my house on fire?
A South African writer reflects on some of the problems of combatting climate change in Africa.
By Sindi-Leigh McBride

When the vessel is sinking
If the earth is, figuratively speaking, like a sinking vessel, it is because we have not paid any attention to any of the recommendations made during the last decade.
By Federico Mayor Zaragoza


Crude injustice
Six decades on, the resource curse continues to wreak destruction in the Niger Delta.
By Orji Sunday

Reckless gamble for profit that placed Indian cotton farmers in corporate noose
The dubious performance (failure) of Bt cotton, officially India's only genetically modified (GM) crop, should serve as a warning as the push within the country to adopt GM across a wide range of food crops continues.
By Colin Todhunter


China, India respond robustly to US paper on 'differentiation'
China and India have offered a robust response to the United States over its attempts to 'differentiate' among developing countries on which of them could avail of special and differential treatment at the World Trade Organisation.
By D Ravi Kanth

Agribusiness is the problem, not the solution
The claim that high-yielding industrial agriculture is the only answer to double food production is questioned.
By Jomo Kwame Sundaram

5G: The battle for the future
Washington has used the full force of its legal system to cripple Huawei, alleging that the Chinese telecommunications company’s 5G technology can be used for espionage.
By Humberto Campodonico


The war on Venezuela is built on lies
A war has been declared on Venezuela, of which the truth is 'too difficult' to report.
By John Pilger

Former UN rapporteur: US sanctions against Venezuela causing economic and humanitarian crisis
A former United Nations rapporteur has criticised the US 'economic warfare' against Venezuela, which he claimed was the real reason for the economic and humanitarian crisis facing the country.

Western media fall in lockstep for cheap Venezuela aid PR stunt
The Western media has slavishly echoed the US narrative on the situation in Venezuela which has portrayed President Maduro as a heartless dictator blocking aid for his starving people.
By Adam Johnson

ICJ urges UK to end rule over Chagos Islands
Britain suffered a humiliating drubbing in February when the World Court rejected its claim to the Chagos Islands and called on it to 'decolonise' the islands.
By Brett Wilkins

Mass protests in Haiti, like France's Yellow Vests, threaten modern oligarchic structure
The neo-Duvalier era in Haiti that has largely been orchestrated by the US is now in danger of finally falling apart.
By Whitney Webb


'Disaster' as Indian Supreme Court orders eviction of millions of tribespeople
A recent order by the Indian Supreme Court for the eviction of some 8 million forest dwellers is a veritable death sentence on them, say activists.


5.5 million women build their wall
On New Year's Day, 5.5 million women in the Indian state of Kerala - one in three women in the state - took to the streets to protest against an entry ban on women between 10-50 into a well-known temple.
By Vijay Prashad


Why transformation of the global food system is an imperative
Feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy and sustainable diet will be impossible without transforming eating habits, improving food production and reducing food waste.


The dove orchid
N Kumaran Asan (1873-1924) was an Indian social reformer, philosopher and poet of Malayalam literature. Honoured in 1922 as a 'Mahkavi' (Great Poet) by Madras University, he died tragically two years later when the boat in which he was travelling in his native Kerala capsized.
By N Kumaran Asan

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