Issue No. 331/332 (2018)

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COVER: Escalating US-China trade war threatens global trading system

Escalating US-China trade war threatens the global trading system
In the US-initiated trade war against China and the inevitable retaliation and counteraction, there are fears that the resulting escalation is putting the global economy and the world trading system in jeopardy.
By Martin Khor

Trade wars and other emerging threats: Attempts by the US to write new trade rules
The trade war launched by the US, when viewed in the context of other related actions, evinces a clear intention by the West to consolidate its hegemony of the world trading system.
By Abhijit Das

Donald Trump's economic gamble with trade wars and tax cuts
In launching a trade war against China, the US is in a position to withstand any retaliatory punishment for the next few months, but the danger is if the war drags on beyond that.
By John Rapley

Tariff tactics and the dangers of trade war
Trump and his advisors seem oblivious to the fact that their moves will not only raise consumer costs in China and the US but also have a destabilising impact on the global economy.
By Jacob Pagano

Trade wars a symptom of unbalanced hyperglobalised world
A sharp escalation of tariffs and heightened talk of a trade war will only add to the underlying weakness of the fragile world economy, says the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
By Kanaga Raja


Ten years on, in uncharted waters
While there have been some regulatory reforms after the 2008 global financial crisis, they have not been comprehensive enough to address the vulnerabilities of the financial sector to similar financial shocks.
By T T Ram Mohan

The Turkish financial meltdown: An analysis
Although there have been attempts to blame the Trump sanctions for the Turkish financial meltdown, the truth is the sanctions only acted as a trigger as the economy was sitting on a time bomb.
By Yilmaz Akyuz

Another global financial crisis for developing countries?
Developing countries are now faced with the threat of another global financial crisis. Regrettably, they have rendered themselves more vulnerable by pursuing some misguided policies.
By Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Emerging markets currency crisis is the product of the global liquidity deluge
It is time for an international review of the amount of liquidity flooding the global financial system and the ability of markets, particularly in developing countries, to withstand massive movements of capital.
By Anthony Rowley

How to prevent financial crises in emerging markets
While capital controls and macroprudential tools are important to ensure financial stability, these may not be enough to prevent financial crises in emerging markets.
By Kavaljit Singh


Difficulties expected at year-end climate talks
The year-end United Nations climate talks in Poland are expected to be very difficult and rocky, given where Parties left off from the Bangkok session recently.
By Meena Raman and Indrajit Bose

Resisting moves to undermine the element of equity in the Paris Agreement
Developing countries will have to be wary of attempts by the rich countries to undermine provisions in the Paris Agreement which recognise the differential burden in their obligation to fight global warming.
By Meena Raman


Modi and the world's largest health insurance scheme
The viability of the world’s largest health insurance scheme as announced by the Indian Prime Minister is questioned, in the light of the paltry resources being allocated.
By Prabhat Patnaik


Visions of war and wealth in the Middle East
US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is part of a long-term strategy to gain regional influence and access to resources.
By Edward Hunt

From Gaza to Jerusalem to Iran
Shifts in the Middle East and the place of Palestine
The latest phase of the Palestinian struggle for their homeland - the Great March of Return – is located in the complex political mosaic.
By Joel Beinin

Yemen's descent into hell
For years now, a relentless Saudi air campaign (fuelled by the US military) has hit endless Yemeni civilian targets. The writer attempts to convey the unspeakable plight of the Yemeni people.
By Rajan Menon

1953 Iran coup: A crime authored in London and Washington
August of this year marked the 65th anniversary of the infamous coup staged by Britain and the US to topple the democratically elected nationalist regime of Prime Minister Mossadegh of Iran.
By John Wight

When the world laughed at Donald Trump
There was nothing to laugh about in the heart of Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly earlier this year.
By Vijay Prashad


Another lost generation in Gaza
An entire new generation of Gazans have grown up knowing only the 70-year-old open-air prison/refugee camp in which they are confined. They exist constantly on the edge of mental, physical and economic crisis.
By Mohammed Omer


The plight of women and young people in the Rohingya refugee crisis
As the Rohingya refugee crisis continues with no immediate end in sight, it is crucial to expand and sustain health and life skills services for Rohingya women, girls and youth to locate opportunities amid challenges.
By Asa Torkelsson


The abyss of death
The Iraqi poet Ma'ruf al-Rusafi (1875-1945) was born in Baghdad of Kurdish parents. He taught in Istanbul and Jerusalem; he entered politics advocating Arab unity, and was Iraqi Minister of Education.
By Ma'ruf al-Rusafi

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