Issue No. 328 (Dec 2017)

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COVER: Trump, trade wars and the WTO

Has Trump just launched a global trade war?
The recent trade action by President Donald Trump has ended the United States' leadership on liberal trade and may trigger a global trade war with major damaging consequences.
By Martin Khor

Trump and his 'trade wars'
A trade war will inevitably result in an impoverishment of all nations, with no winners. The chief casualty will be the multilateral trading system, as embodied in the World Trade Organisation.
By Chakravarthi Raghavan

The implications of Trump's challenge to the WTO trading system
The Trump administration is challenging the very existence of the postwar multilateralism in trade, which, despite its limitations, has made efforts to bring order to global trade.
By Biswajit Dhar

Trump's trade war against China: A challenge to the South
Trump's moves in initiating a trade war are a defining moment for Southern nations as to whether they can safeguard their special and differential flexibilities which the US and the West are attempting to erase from the multilateral trade rulebook.
By D Ravi Kanth

What's different about Trump's tariffs?
Trump's moves in raising tariffs have revived fears about a trade war and the collapse of world trade.
By Jomo Kwame Sundaram

The imperial intentions of Trump's trade war babble
Trump has much of conventional economics wisdom supporting him in his delusions that the US is being treated unfairly or is 'behind' based on its persistent trade deficits with China.
By Andrew M Fischer

Multilateralism redux and the Havana Charter
As multilateralism now comes under attack from the Trump administration, developing countries should work for the emergence of a revitalised multilateral system based on the more balanced and equitable bases envisaged in the aborted Havana Charter.
By Richard Kozul-Wright


Philanthrocapitalism: The Gates Foundation's African programmes are not charity
Philanthrocapitalism is an attempt to use market processes to do good, and therefore problematic as markets are ill-suited to producing socially constructive ends.
By Philip L Bereano


Will rising international concern over a new debt crisis be matched by action?
While warnings about the emergence of another global debt crisis are legion, there has not been a commensurate concern in establishing a comprehensive debt workout mechanism to prepare for this eventuality.
By Mark Perera

The quinoa boom goes bust in the Andes
The quinoa boom was an opportunity for farmers in the Andes to make profits from their crops. But the incursion of large-scale farms outside the Andean highlands into the market dashed these dreams.
By Emma McDonell


Attacking Syria
In assessing the recent missile attack on Syria, the writer warns that the United Nations Charter, which permits armed force only in self-defence or where it is mandated by the UN Security Council, is not obsolete.
By Richard Falk

Seven things you need to know about Israel's latest attack on Gaza
As Israel prepares to celebrate the anniversary of its birth as a modern nation on 14 May, it has begun the slaughter of the Palestinians who are using the occasion to highlight their plight.
By Michael Lesher

'They will never be able to stop the spring from coming'
Shortly before the start of his 12-year imprisonment sentence on a corruption conviction, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva delivered a speech to thousands of supporters.
By Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva


In Latin America 'Me Too' doesn't always mean the same thing
Feminist activism in Latin America has always been based on a political and structural analysis of violence and it is this that differentiates it from movements born in North America such as the 'Me Too' movement.
By Fabiana Frayssinet


Colonising the Western mind
Today we live beneath an invisible cultural hegemony, a set of ideas implanted in the mass mind by the US state and its corporate media over decades.
By Jason Hirthler


The change
Ellis Ayitey Komey (b. 1927) is a Ghanaian poet, short-story writer and editor.
By Ellis Ayitey Komey

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