Issue No. 326/327 (Oct/Nov 2017)

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COVER: Bonn Climate Change Conference: Action now, not post-2020, say developing countries

The 2017 Bonn climate talks - an overview
Developing countries were obliged to bring back to the conference agenda a number of issues in respect of which the West's commitment pledged in earlier conferences was now flagging.
By Meena Raman

Climate talks open with call for urgent action
The opening day of the Bonn climate change conference provided an opportunity for developing countries to articulate their main concerns.
By Zhu Zhenyan

Celebrate 20th anniversary of Kyoto Protocol with second commitment period, say developing countries
Developing countries urged the developed countries to ratify the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol without any further delay.
By Jade Chiang

Addressing 'equity' in the global stocktake under the Paris Agreement
The issue of equity in the implementation of the Paris climate treaty is of crucial importance to developing countries.

Call to show more ambition and to move faster together on climate change
The opening of the high-level segment of the climate talks saw world leaders calling on all Parties to show more ambition and to move faster together on climate change.
By Prerna Bomzan

Conclusions adopted to advance Paris Agreement Work Programme
The concluding session of a key working group at Bonn was delayed by three days as a result of failure to agree on matters relating to implementation of the Paris Agreement.
By Prerna Bomzan and Meena Raman

Intense wrangling on modalities for addressing the issue of public finance
The developed countries were clearly cagey about making any firm commitment on climate finance.

Developing countries welcome decisions at COP 23, register concerns over finance issues
Developing countries were critical of the developed countries’ failure to commit to deeper cuts in their carbon emissions, and dissatisfied with the way the issue of climate finance was addressed.
By Jade Chiang and Meena Raman

Climate change in the courts
There has been a proliferation of climate-related suits around the world as activists and citizens turn to the courts to compel their governments to address the serious threats posed by global warning.


High levels of antibiotic resistance in serious infections, says WHO
Surveillance data on antibiotic resistance released by the World Health Organisation has found high levels of resistance in relation to several serious bacterial infections across a number of countries.
By Kanaga Raja

Big corporations like Nestle are aggressively making people even fatter across the globe
Developing countries are a hot market for Big Food's high-calorie junk food.
By Martha Rosenberg

PPPs likely to undermine public health commitments
Public-private partnerships are not the answer to cash-strapped developing countries seeking resources for development, especially with regard to public health. 
By Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram


New evidence of Africa's systematic looting, provided by an increasingly schizophrenic World Bank
Africa desperately needs economic diversification, but thanks to the excessive influence of transnational corporations, governments of resource-rich countries do not undertake the necessary reforms.
By Patrick Bond

Missing billions
To pay as little tax as possible in African resource-rich countries, international corporations take recourse to illegal as well as legal - though morally dubious - methods.
By Nico Beckert


Trump's National Defense Strategy has something for everyone (in the military-industrial complex)
Donald Trump has clearly succumbed to the pressures of the 'military-industrial complex' and is now pursuing a highly militarised foreign policy.
By Danny Sjursen

A rare glimpse into the inner workings of the American empire in the Middle East
The US foreign policy elite still wants the Middle East for its oil and its strategic location.
By Edward Hunt

Inside the Trump administration's war on UNRWA and Palestinian refugees
An analysis of the forces behind the US decision to defund the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) on which some 5 million Palestinian refugees depend for aid.
By Max Blumenthal

Dirty elections in Honduras, with Washington's blessing
US support for the corrupt election in Honduras continues its history of obstructing the country's democracy.
By Alexander Main

Justice and/or development: The Rif protest movement and the neoliberal promise
In Morocco, demands for justice have snowballed into a wider social movement calling for jobs, development and an end to graft.
By Emilio Spadola


There's a massive humanitarian crisis unfolding in Asia: The plight of the Rohingya
The Myanmarese authorities are using the West's 'war on terror' to justify their policy of ethnic cleansing against one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.
By Vijay Prashad


Rights of rural women have seen uneven progress in Latin America
Access to quality education, productive resources, technical training and participation remain challenges shared by rural Latin American women to close the persistent gaps in gender equality and realise their full potential under equal conditions.
By Mariela Jara


In the home of the homelessness
Homelessness has become a global problem, and the following poem by the Thai poet Angkarn Chanthathip (1926-2012) highlights the plight of the homeless.
By Angkarn Chanthathip

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