Issue No. 324/325 (Aug/Sept 2017)

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COVER: WTO: The question of e-commerce

Buenos Aires WTO Ministerial talks collapse in disarray
The 11th WTO Ministerial Conference ended in deadlock and total disarray.
By Chakravarthi Raghavan

US undermines consensus at WTO meet in Buenos Aires
The failure of the Buenos Aires Ministerial to secure a consensus is a further erosion of the multilateral framework of the WTO.
By D Ravi Kanth

North and its allies seek plurilateral route to push through new issues into the WTO agenda
Resistance from developing countries has forced the countries of the North and their allies to seek a plurilateral route for new issues on the WTO agenda.
By D Ravi Kanth

Civil society organisations disappointed at failure of WTO conference to deliver on development issues
Civil society organisations expressed disappointment on the failure of member states to address fundamental problems in the global trading system, especially those affecting the developing countries.
By Kanaga Raja

E-commerce in the WTO: Reinforcing global inequities
There is no reason to believe the introduction of e-commerce into the WTO will be beneficial to the developing countries.
By Biswajit Dhar

WTO negotiations on e-commerce: Some myths busted
Far from gaining from the outcome of negotiations on e-commerce, developing countries would be required under WTO rules on e-commerce to act against their national interest and development priorities.
By Abhijit Das

WTO e-commerce battle lines drawn across three camps
It is clear that the issue of e-commerce and the divisions over it will resurface with greater vigour in coming WTO talks.
By Parminder Jeet Singh

Towards a new digital colonialism?
While micro, small and medium-sized enterprises would benefit from a digital industrialisation strategy, the policies envisioned in the WTO are more likely to result in a new 'digital colonialism'.
By Deborah James

E-commerce discussions at the WTO: Neoliberal policies negotiated in secret are not acceptable
Is the WTO the appropriate forum to discuss and in effect take over all key aspects of everything related to information technology and communications policy?
By Richard Hill

A positive agenda for discussing the digital economy at the WTO
With e-commerce becoming a top issue in the WTO, developing countries have been struggling to grasp its implications.
By Parminder Jeet Singh

E-commerce in the WTO is effort to hijack basic Internet governance issues
Technology platforms are attempting to hijack the issue of Internet governance and democracy by writing trade rules at the WTO under the rubric of 'e-commerce'.
By Chakravarthi Raghavan


The Mekong, dammed to die
Despite warnings from environmentalists, the governments of Laos and Cambodia have been adamant on pursuing dam projects along the Mekong River.
By Pascal Laureyn

Cuba verde
As the long-isolated Caribbean nation opens up to global markets, will its low-carbon ecological adaptations endure?
By Bill Weinberg



Food sector consolidation 'threatens' food security
Food sector consolidation represents a growing threat to global food security, a new report suggests.
By Katy Askew

Why we need to confront the billionaires' paradise
The national and global growth of wealth concentration and inequality and the proliferation of tax havens have led to the emergence of political oligarchies the world over.
By Richard Eskow

Ready for the next debt storm?
The international community is awaiting the storm with remarkable silence: only piecemeal steps have been taken in 2017 at the multilateral level in the areas of effective institutions for debt crisis prevention and resolution.
By Bodo Ellmers


A century of refusal
Palestinian opposition to the Balfour Declaration

There has not been even a gesture of contrition by Britain for this monstrous act of injustice which deprived Palestinians of their homeland.
By Lori Allen

Trump's move on Jerusalem: Is this the end of US diplomacy in the Middle East?
By accepting Israel's illegal annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem, President Trump has ended an American political gambit that lasted decades, and is shedding a mask worn by every US president during that period.
By Ramzy Baroud

Massive overkill: Brought to you by the nuclear-industrial complex
President Trump's plan, under the renewed pressure of the 'military-industrial complex', to build a new generation of nuclear arms is a grave threat to world peace.
By William D Hartung

The US Southern Command's silent occupation of the Amazon
The military exercise (AmazonLog2017) has created alarm among activists and researchers as to what its real goals are.
By Santiago Navarro F and Renata Bessi

Mugabe is out, but don't cheer because Zimbabwe's military is in
The fact that it was the military which ousted the Zimbabwe President only means that it will remain a key player in the post-Mugabe era.
By Alemayehu Mariam

The economic war against Venezuela
While Venezuela under President Nicolas Maduro is clearly the victim of an economic war waged by international and national actors as it claims, it has failed to clearly and cogently set out the evidence.
By Steve Ellner

In Argentina's mid-term elections, victories for Cambiemos
Argentine President Mauricio Macri's centre-right party, Cambiemos, had a robust showing in October's mid-term elections. What does this say about democracy in Argentina?
By Ernesto Seman and Gabriel Vommaro


Dark jubilee: An era of impunity
In this analysis, the writer argues that this era of impunity in India really began 25 years ago with the 1992 demolition of the Babri Mosque by Hindu mobs.
By Mukul Kesavan


The Weinstein effect: The global scourge of sexual harassment and exploitation
A Hollywood scandal has turned into a global shockwave revealing a staggering scale of harassment, misogyny and violence.
By Siddharth Chatterjee


This novelist, playwright, journalist, labour leader and poet laureate of the Philippines spent years in prison because of political persecution.
By Amado V Hernandez

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