Issue No. 301/302 (Sept/Oct 2015)

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COVER: Global tourism growth: Remedy or ruin?

Tourism - a driver of inequality and displacement
Promoted as a strategy for poverty reduction and sustainable development, tourism is in reality fuelling the gentrification of the developing world.
By Anita Pleumarom

Tourism and the biosphere crisis: Provisions for inter-generational care
In the face of the growing severity of tourism impacts on our biosphere, to assure inter-generational care, there must be special measures for children.
By Alison M Johnston

Rise of the aerotropolis
The aerotropolis, a city built around a new or existing airport, is a disastrous model of development that must be opposed.
By Rose Bridger

Tourism for women's rights?
The prevailing oppressive and exploitative tourism industry cannot be allowed to take centrestage in the garb of protection and promotion of women's rights.
By Albertina Almeida

Maasai fight eviction from Tanzanian community land by US-based ecotourism company
Pastoralist land in Tanzania is under threat because of commercial agriculture and conservation. In some places 'philanthropic' ecotourism companies also add to the problem.
By Susanna Nordlund

The puputan struggle against the Benoa Bay reclamation project
Fearful that the project will result in the flooding of some of their villages, the people of Bali have been waging a bitter struggle for the past three years against the reclamation of Benoa Bay.
By Anton Muhajir

Tourism, the extractive industry and social conflict in Peru
Mining companies in Peru, facing local opposition to their activities on account of the environmental damage they are causing, have turned to tourism to clean up their image.
By Rodrigo Ruiz Rubio

Tourism and the consumption of Goa
Claude Alvares has seen all the major tourism changes that Goa in India has gone through over the past 40 years and believes each has been worse than its predecessor, each taking Goa further away from itself.
By Claude Alvares

The occidentalisation of the Everest
The magnificence that is the Everest has long been turned into an arena 'where dollars can create a messy hash of Disneyfied tourism, jingoism and machismo'.
By Vaishna Roy

The ghettoisation of Palestine - tourism as a tool of oppression and resistance
Tourism has become a means for connecting Palestinians to the external world and fostering solidarity.
By Freya Higgins-Desbiolles

The bitter irony of '1 billion tourists - 1 billion opportunities'
The following is the text of the Statement by the Tourism Advocacy and Action Forum (TAAF) for World Tourism Day (27 September 2015), prepared by the Tourism Investigation & Monitoring Team.


It's alive!: The amazing world of soil
2015 has been declared by the UN as the International Year of the Soil. Anna Lappé explains why the soil is a matter of life and death.
By Anna Lappé


Antibiotic abuse is driving antibiotic resistance
Though wealthy countries still use far more antibiotics per capita, high rates in the low- and middle-income countries raise the spectre of life-threatening infections raging uncontrollably across the world.
By Shobha Shukla


A new intifada for a new generation
Palestinians are making their own decisions in defiance of both Fatah and Hamas.
By David Hearst

A short history of US bombing of civilian facilities
The recent bombing by the US of a civilian hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan run by Médecins Sans Frontières provoked almost universal outrage. This bombing of a civilian facility is not the first.
By Jon Schwarz

Iraq, Afghanistan and other special ops 'successes'
President Obama's recent decision to dispatch US Special Operations forces to Iraq caused a stir but few are aware of the record number of such deployments in recent years.
By Nick Turse


Ethnicity in Nepal's new constitution: From politics of culture to politics of justice
The following article offers background analysis of Nepal's constitutional odyssey and the varied interpretations of the decade-long struggle waged by the Maoist movement to realise their demand for a new constitution.
By Mallika Shakya


The coming of Corbyn
Few political events in recent times have created such a political stir as the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain's Labour Party. The writer explains this extraordinary reaction, especially by the British media.
By Jeremy Seabrook


To the Bio-Bio
The Venezuelan-Chilean poet, jurist, philosopher, philologist and educator, Andres Bello (1781-1865), who served the cause of South American independence, also extolled the natural beauty of the continent in his poetry, exemplified by the following poem about the Bio-Bio river in Chile.
By Andres Bello

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