TWN Info Service on Health Issues (May20/04)
7 May 2020
Third World Network

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you a global mapping of efforts to develop COVID-19 vaccines and the potential production capacity. This initiative is called Vaxmap.

We were motivated to undertake this in view of widespread concerns over potential shortage of potential vaccines that would deny access to the majority of the world’s population, especially those from developing and least developed countries. The scramble over face masks and personal protective equipment already raised the alarm.

What is Vaxmap?

Vaxmap ( visually represents efforts to develop COVID-19 vaccines on a world map. Based on open sources, it shows the companies with candidate vaccines and the locations of potential vaccine production, both at company-owned facilities and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

VaxMap shows the vastly unequal geographic distribution of manufacturing capacity for COVID vaccines as well the deals that are being struck between companies and other manufacturers. It also shows key facilities / companies that can support vaccine production, including single use bioreactor makers and the finish / fill facilities that pack vaccines into syringes, vials, and other forms for distribution.

VaxMap is intended to inform discussions about timely, equitable, and affordable access to vaccines for all people in the world by creating and encouraging transparency around manufacturing capacities and constraints for COVID-19 vaccines.

VaxMap will continually evolve as the fast-moving COVID vaccine situation changes and invites verifiable crowdsourced information. Additions, suggestions, and corrections are welcomed (at

Vaxmap is compiled and maintained by Edward Hammond on behalf of Third World Network.

We hope that this will contribute to national and global efforts in responding to COVID-19.

With best wishes,

Chee Yoke Ling
Third World Network