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5 June 2020
Third World Network

Dear friends,

Third World Network is pleased to share with you our new briefing paper on International negotiations by virtual means in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic by Vicente Paolo B. Yu III.

THE physical distancing required as a safety measure to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), such as through bans on gatherings involving multiple individuals, has meant that in-person meetings involving close-proximity interactions among individuals can no longer take place.

In the area of multilateral diplomacy, this has meant that heretofore in-person meetings and negotiations among diplomats have ceased since around the end of March in the major diplomatic centres such as New York, Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna, Rome, and many other locations where the governing or decision-making bodies of the United Nations and other international organizations usually meet.

The inability to convene in-person meetings has impacted on the ability of international organizations to carry out international negotiations among their Member States, particularly in instances where the negotiations require universal participation.

With the increasing push to hold virtual meetings in some of the international organisations, the briefing paper looks at how some institutions are dealing with problem of face-to-face meetings and the challenges posed by the conduct of virtual meetings.

We hope you will find this briefing paper useful.

With best wishes

Third World Network