Global Health Watch 3: An Alternative World Health Report

by People’s Health Movement, Medact, Health Action International, Medico International and Third World Network

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 978-1-78032-033-5

Year: 2011  No. of pages: 384

15.5cm x 23cm

About the Book

In an increasingly globalised world, with new cross-border threats to public health and widening disparities between populations, civil society actors are challenging the existing structures of global health policies.  Like its critically acclaimed predecessors, Global Health Watch 3 covers a comprehensive range of topics including access to medicines, mental health, water and sanitation, nutrition, and war and conflict.  Unlike most documentations of global health, it also draws attention to the politics of global health and the policies of key actors. 


Boxes, tables, charts




SECTION A: The global political and economic architecture

A1       Economic crises and systemic failure: why we need to rethink the global economy

SECTION B: Health systems: current issues and debates

B1       Primary health care: a review and critical appraisal of its ‘revitalisation’

B2       Financing health care: aiming for long-term solutions

B3       Health financing models that make health systems work: case studies from Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, and Thailand

B4       Dysfunctional health systems: case studies from China, India, and the US

B5       Achieving a shared goal: free universal health care in Ghana

B6       Maternal mortality: need for a broad framework of intervention

B7       Research for health

B8       Pandemic influenza preparedness: in search of a global health ethos

B9       Mental health and inequality

SECTION C: Beyond health care

C1       The global food crisis

C2       Health information, conflict, and the right to health

C3       Trade and health

C4       The future is now: Genetic promises and speculative finance

C5       Climate crisis

C6       Challenging the population: climate connection

SECTION D: Watching

D1       World Health Organisation: captive to conflicting interests

D2       UNICEF and the ‘medicalisation’ of malnutrition in children

D3       Conflicts of interest within philanthrocapitalism

D4       The pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical endeavour

D5       Health and global security: reasons for concern

D6       The International Health Partnership+: glass half full or half empty?

D7       New reproductive technologies

SECTION E: Resistance, actions, and change

E1       The movement for change

E2       The right to health: from concept to action

E3       Cuba’s international cooperation in health



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