Doha News Updates and Climate Briefings

(November/December 2012)

Publisher: TWN
ISBN: 978-967-5412-78-3
Year: 2013   No. of pages: 136
21 cm x 29 cm

About the Book

This is a collection of 29 News Updates and a Briefing Paper prepared by the Third World Network for and during the recent United Nations Climate Change Talks – the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP18), and the 8th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 8) – in Doha, Qatar, from 26 November to 7 December 2012.



1       Climate Talks Resume, amid Weather Chaos                                                                               

2       Climate Legal Regime at the Crossroads                                                                                      

3       Developing Countries Outline Key Deliverables for COP 18                                                       

4       Doha Must Deliver Strong and Effective Second Commitment Period, Says G77/China          

5       AWG-LCA: Developed Countries Oppose Chair’s Overview Text                                           

6       Kyoto Protocol Second Commitment Period Still Mired in Differences                                    

7       Completion of Bali Roadmap Basis for Durban Platform Work, Say Developing Countries    

8       SBSTA: Differences over Agriculture, Aviation and Maritime Transport Emissions                 

9       AWG-LCA: Heated Exchange at Informal Consultations                                                         

10     AWG-LCA: Disagreement over Need for Expert Group on ‘Review’                                       

11     AWG-LCA: ‘Various Approaches’ for Mitigation Actions Further Explored                            

12     Continuing Differences on REDD-plus and Way Forward                                                       

13     Climate Finance – a Major Make-or-break Issue for Doha                                                       

14     Deep Divide over Russia’s Proposal to Amend Convention                                                     

15     Unhappy First Week at Doha; Uncertainty over the Final Outcome                                          

16     Disappointment Expressed at Informal Stocktake at Doha Climate Talks                                 

17     AWG-LCA: Developing Countries Outraged over Lack of Text in Key Areas                         

18     AWG-KP: No Shift in Low Ambition, Unresolved Issues to Go to Ministers                            

19     AWG-KP: Outcome Document Forwarded with Brackets to CMP 8                                         

20     A ‘Low Ambition’ Outcome in Doha                                                                                       

21     Durban Platform Work to be Guided by Principles of the Convention                                     

22     AWG-LCA Concludes Its Work in Doha                                                                               

23     Developing Countries Unhappy over Low Ambition in Doha Outcomes                               

24     Doha Decisions on Finance                                                                                                   

25     Negotiators Buy More Time for Agriculture Discussions                                                       

26     COP 18 Outcome on Loss and Damage Opens Door for New Mechanism                            

27     Divergent Views over ‘Vision’ of Outcome under Durban Platform

28     Durban Platform: Way Forward on Pre-2020 Ambition

29     Response Measures: Avoidance of Negative Trade Impacts of Unilateral Measures Reaffirmed


1       Loss and Damage: Confronting and Addressing the New Burden for Developing         


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