When Medicines Don’t Work Anymore  

By Martin Khor

Publisher: TWN in collaboration with South Centre

ISBN: 978-967-0747-24-8

Year: 2018   No. of pages: 136

14 cm x 21.5 cm

About the Book

Antibiotic resistance, now widened to be called antimicrobial resistance, is the world’s greatest public health risk and threat. We are now so used to using antibiotics that it is almost unthinkable what would happen to our state of health if there were none available. Or if the antibiotics don’t work anymore.

Health leaders are sounding the alarm bell. The Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom has warned of a looming “catastrophe” so widespread that we would be back to a pre-antibiotic era when many diseases could not be treated. The World Health Organisation’s then Director General has said the world is heading towards a post-antibiotics era in which common infections such as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill. It may even bring the end of modern medicine. And heads of states and governments in 2016 adopted a landmark Political Declaration recognising that antibiotic resistance is the “greatest and most urgent global risk”.

This book is a collection of articles written over two decades, tracing the antimicrobial resistance problem as it evolved through the years into a full blown crisis. It also contains the author’s speaking notes at the UN General Assembly summit-level special event on AMR. It provides news and opinions in popular language on various aspects of AMR, as the problem emerged and then developed into the present day public health catastrophe.



I              Overview

II             Dangers of Modern Animal Farm and Antibiotic Resistance

III           Revamp Needed of Livestock

IV           The Dangers of Antibiotics in Animal Feed

V             “Super Germs” Causing Global Health Crisis

VI           The Threat of New Diseases

VII          Diseases Emerge as Germs Break “Species Barriers”

VIII        Scientists Warn of Genetic Engineering Link to Antibiotic Resistance

IX           Irrational Drug Use Causing Rise of Anti-Microbial Resistance

X             World Health Assembly Reviews World’s Health Problems

XI           Alert on New Untreatable Diseases

XII         New Super-Bugs a Threat to Human Life

XIII        Worrisome Rise of Super Malaria

XIV        Drug Resistance Now a “Catastrophe”

XV          When Drugs Don’t Work Anymore

XVI        WHO Sounds Alarm Bell on Antibiotic Resistance

XVII      State of the World’s Health

XVIII     Action to Use Medicines Wisely

XIX        Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Plan at Last

XX         Super Drug-Resistant Gene Raises New Health Alarm

XXI        World Leaders Pledge Action to Control Superbugs

XXII      Action Needed to Avoid the End of Modern Medicine

XXIII Super Bugs are Super Dangerous

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