The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Agriculture in Developing Countries: The Experience of Ghana
By Martin Khor

Publisher: Third World Network
ISBN: 978-983-2729-31-0
Year: 2008   No. of pages: 120


About the Book

There is increasing concern over the effects of import liberalisation on the viability of agriculture, particularly that practised by small farmers of food crops in developing countries.

Such concern has emerged because of the experience of many developing countries undertaking structural adjustment programmes, in which trade liberalisation as well as the withdrawal of the state from an active role in support of farmers, are prominent components of the loan conditionalities of international financial institutions. The situation has been compounded by the commitments that developing countries have taken to reduce their agricultural tariffs under the Uruguay Round. The current negotiations in the World Trade Organisation are expected to oblige developing countries to undertake a further round of agricultural tariff cuts.

In many developing countries, the liberalisation of imports has resulted in intense competition from imports that threaten to displace some of the products of small farmers from their own domestic market. In many cases, the competition emanating from imports has not been fair. While these imports continue to be heavily subsidised, the assistance that developing country governments formerly provided to their own farmers has, in many countries, been withdrawn or substantially reduced, under the structural adjustment policies.


MARTIN KHOR is the Director of the Third World Network. An economist trained in Cambridge University, he is the author of several books and articles on trade, development and environment issues.


Chapter 1
Impact of Liberalisation on Rural Producers in Ghana: Introduction                                  

Chapter 2
Background to Ghana's Agricultural Sector and Policy Reform      

Chapter 3
Effects of Trade Liberalisation on Some Agricultural Sectors in Ghana      

Chapter 4
Comments on IFAD's Programme in Ghana


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