Bali News Updates and Climate Briefing

Publisher: TWN (ISBN: 978-983-2729-20-4

Year: 2008        No. of pages: 88

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About the Book

This is a collection of the 19 News Updates and five Climate Briefing prepared by the Third World Network for and during the United Nations Climate Change Conference which was held in Bali, Indonesia from 3-14 December 2007.


Bali News Updates

1.         Divisive start to Bali climate talks, North presses for new agreement

2.         South criticizes North for not fulfilling climate commitments

3.         Clash over technology transfer almost derails Bali climate talks

4.         Highlights from the SBSTA Session

5.         Talks start on whether to launch new climate negotiations

6.         Debate on Russian Proposal and voluntary commitments of developing countries

7.         G77-China’s proposal on review of climate change financing

8.         Trade Ministers propose more intensive trade-climate engagement

9.         North-South wrangling continues on Kyoto Protocol review

10.        On eve of Climate Ministerial, divisions remain on major items

11.        Collapse on technology talks sours Bali climate conference

12.        Bali Ministerial segment opens, but situation is critical

13.        G77-China warns against erosion of UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol

14.        Major issues unresolved as Bali meeting approaches its end

15.        Final talks at AWG held back by linkages to other issues?

16.        Bali climate talks continue after midnight, bogged down by key issues

17.        Developing countries face pressure, threats at climate talks

18.        Bali conference ends, new group to take up unresolved issues

19.        Final hours of drama that led to the Bali decision

Climate Briefing for Bali

1.         Development issues crucial for post-2012 climate regime

2.         Bali climate talks to decide fate of Kyoto Protocol

3.         Developed countries must fulfill commitments for 2008-2012

4.         The IPCC Synthesis Report and the Valencia meeting

5.         Unfulfilled commitments on technology and finance have to be met now

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