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Welcome to Third World Network’s VIRTUAL BOOKSHELF. All the e-Publications listed here can be accessed immediately once payment by credit card is made. The e-Publications are in PDF format with an abstract in HTML. You can view the abstract before deciding to purchase the e-Publication. A list of the e-Publications is provided below.

When you are in the Virtual Bookshelf, you can login as a “GUEST” to view our shop and all the other shops on display and browse through all the abstracts, but you will not be able to purchase anything. In order to be able to purchase our e-Publications, you would have to login as a “SUBSCRIBER” (no fee is required for logging in as a subscriber).

Please follow the instructions below on how to go about logging in as a “SUBSCRIBER” and buying our e-Publications. (You are welcome to print this page out for your easy reference).

How to Subscribe:

Once you are in the Virtual Bookshelf, click on “Subscriber Registration” on the left-hand side on the page. Proceed to fill in the form. You will be asked to provide a USER ID and PASSWORD. You are free to choose any User ID and Password, but please remember these or write them down as you will require them for subsequent access.

Once registration is complete, click on the “Virtual Bookshelf” icon near the top of the page to take you to the shops that will be listed on the left. Click on “Third World Network’s e-Publications” to take you to our list of e-Publications.

How to Purchase and Access the e-Publications:

(1) Click on the publication you wish to access to take you to its pricing information and its abstract.

Click on above the title of the publication to access the abstract. Once you have seen the abstract, click on “Back to Article Section” to take you back to the previous page.

(2) If you have now decided to purchase the full PDF version of this publication, click on “Subscribe”, and then on “Subscribe Now!”. After that, click on “Click to Checkout”

(3) After this step, click on “Click to See Invoice”. An invoice will be displayed on the screen. Click on “Yes (pay by credit card)”, then proceed to fill in credit card particulars, and click on “Pay Now!”.

(4) You will get an online receipt. Click on “Return to Personal Bookshelf” at the bottom of the receipt to take you to a PERSONAL BOOKSHELF that was created for you when you purchased the e-Publication and which now contains the e-Publication for you to access.

(5) You can now proceed to read or print out the e-Publication. You will be able to access this publication at any time at all and for as many times as you like, as it will stay permanently in your Personal Bookshelf. The next time you want to see this publication, just login and go to your Personal Bookshelf to see it.


1. Fatal Flaws in Food Safety Assessment by Mae-Wan Ho and Ricarda A Steinbrecher

2. From Marrakesh to Singapore: The WTO and Developing Countries by Magda Shahin

3. Some Key Issues Relating to the WTO by Bhagirath Lal Das

4. Strengthening Developing Countries in the WTO by Bhagirath Lal Das

5. The WTO and its Dispute Settlement System by Chakravarthi Raghavan

6. The WTO and the Proposed Multilateral Investment Agreement by Martin Khor

7. Globalisation: The Past in Our Present by Deepak Nayyar


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