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Malaysia : 1 YR(12 issues) RM35.00
Malaysia : 2 YRS (24 issues) RM65.00
Developed Countries(Institutions)- By Airmail : US$60.00
Developed Countries(Institutions)- By Surface Mail : US$45.00
Developed Countries(Individuals)- By Airmail : US$45.00
Developed Countries(Individuals)- By Surface Mail : US$30.00
Third World Individuals & Groups - By Airmail : US$35.00
Third World Individuals & Groups - By Surface Mail : US$20.00

We also accept American Express/Visa/Mastercard. Please fax us your order together with your Name, Card No , Expiry Date and your signature. Please make payment in favour of Third World Network, 228 Macalister Road, 10400 Penang, Malaysia. Fax No. 604 2264505. Tel No. 604 2266159. E-mail :

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