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This 1990s will be a crucial watershed for humanity. Yet almost all the news reports we get are from the Western media. As our world transforms, we need to watch through Third World eyes.

That's why a Third World team of journalists and writers are publishing Third World Resurgence. To articulate the views of Third World groups. To give a Southern perspective to issues related to living and livelihood: environment, basic needs, politics, current afairs, culture.

" thrilled to have found the kind of magazine that goes to the "nub" of the critical issues facing us as a species..."
Patricia McFadden PhD, Head/Gender Division Southern Africa Political Economy Series.

"....It is unique. It is a treat. The benefit it provides to the world readers is enormous...."
Duminda De Zoysa, USA.

Third World Resurgence is also available in a Spanish-language edition, Revista Del Sur. To subscribe, please enquire to Third World Network.


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