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Uruguay Round trade talks. Debt crisis. Structural adjustment. African economic collapse. Poverty and inequality. TNC mergers, acquisitions and growing power. Global economic instability. Recession. The big economic events of our times are overwhelmingly reported by the Western media. Mainly reflecting Western interests and orthodox "economistic" approaches.

This is a unique fortnightly--covering economic and development events and trends from a Third World perspective. To fill in a long-felt vacuum.

Third World Economics -- edited and published in the South, written mainly by Third World economists and researchers -- gives you news and analyses that reflect the grassroots interests of people in the Third World. It provides prominent coverage to actions and views of development NGOs, individuals and development thinkers, besides the G7 and G15 as well as establishment agencies.

"...It is one of the few quality international periodicals to bring to the attention of teachers, researchers and analysts and activists, in the countries of the South, crucial developments in the global economy ... and to view them from the perspective(s) of the countries of the South...."
Dot keet, Senior Research Fellow
University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Third World Economics is also available in a Spanish-language edition, Tercer Mundo Economico. To subscribe, please enquire to Third World Network.

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