Trade & Development Series No. 27

Development Issues in the WTO in the Post-July Package Period: Myth or Reality?
by Bonapas Onguglo

Publisher: TWN (ISBN: 983-2729-48-3)
Year: 2005  No. of pages: 72

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About the Book

The 4th World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference at Doha was momentous in the history of GATT/WTO in terms of providing specific directives on the integration of "development issues" into the WTO and the multilateral trading system (MTS).

However, the journey so far in redeeming the development promise of Doha has been full of broken promises and missed deadlines, including the recent July 2005 approximation deadline. This setback follows on the heels of the important breakthrough in the negotiations attained in the July 2004 package with regard  to development issues.

The lack of substantive movement is evident in almost all areas of development matters, including that concerning special and differential treatment, implementation, specific trade-related needs and concerns of developing countries, and, to a lesser extent, technical assistance.

Will mainstreaming development into the WTO and the MTS be a myth or a fact that can be realised to meet the expectations of developing countries? Can the development promise of Doha, which is timely and crucial and deserves to be fully redeemed, be translated into concrete steps in the period leading to the coming 6th WTO Ministerial Conference and beyond? This paper attempts to answer some of these important and pressing questions.

About the Author

BONAPAS ONGUGLO has been an Economic Affairs Officer with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva since 1986. He has over 18 years' experience in multilateral trade negotiations; regional trade and economic integration among developing countries; trade policy formulation; and trade-related technical assistance and institutional and human capacity building. He advises in particular African, Caribbean and Pacific countries on WTO issues, including the current Doha round of negotiations and the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement.




1       Introduction                

 2      GATT 1947 to WTO 1995                 

         2.1  GATT 1947         

         2.2  WTO 1995         

3       From  Singapore to Doha and Cancun                  

4       The July Package and Issues at Stake                  

         4.1  The Decision and Changing Perceptions        

        4.2  Development Issues at Stake in the Lead Up to Hong Kong and beyond        

                a)  Special and Differential Treatment           

                b)  Technical Assistance         

                c)  Implementation                  

                d) Other Development Issues 

                e) Least-Developed Countries

5       Conclusion


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