Strengthening Developing Countries in the WTOnew book

by Bhagirath Lal Das

This is part of a series of papers on trade and development that the Third World Network is publishing on issues that are of public concern for countries of the South in particular and for the international community and public in general. The aim of the Papers is to generate discussion and contribute to the search for appropriate policies towards development that is oriented to fulfilling human needs, social equity and environmental sustainability.

ISBN: 983-9747-38-X                    No. of  Pages: 48

About the author:

Bhagirath Lal Das served in the Indian Administrative Service, from where he retired as a Secretary to the Government of India. He has had a long association with international trade issues, participating directly in a large number of bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations. He was India's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to GATT and the Deputy Permanent Representative to UNCTAD in Geneva. During that period he also functioned as Chairman of the GATT Council and of the GATT Contracting Parties. Later he spent five years with UNCTAD as its Director of  International Trade Programmes. In that capacity, along with his other responsibilities, he organised and coordinated UNCTAD's technical assistance programme for developing countries to facilitate their participation in the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations which culminated in the setting up of the World Trade Organization. His earlier books are An Introduction to the WTO Agreements, The WTO Agreements: Deficiencies, Imbalances and Required Changes and The World Trade Organization: A Guide to the Framework for International Trade. He now provides consultancy services to various institutions.

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