South-North Development Monitor
Published every working day in Geneva by Third World Network



SUNS is a unique source of information and analyses on international development issues with particular focus on North-South and South-South negotiations.

Over the years SUNS has provided unique in-depth coverage of the activities of the Non-Aligned countries, of the Group of 77 and other regional and inter-regional groups of the South and the non-governmental organizations.

The SUNS has been a unique source of information, from the Southern perspective, of the processes of negotiations, formal and informal, of GATT and the Uruguay Round, the Mid-Term Review Process, the Brussels Ministerial Session and since then, the UNCTAD Conferences, and of the entire debates and dialogue on environment/development issues, the Earth Summit of the UN Conference on Environment and Development including the preparatory process in the run up to it and the related Climate and Biodiversity Treaties, as well as their follow-up.

Subscribers to SUNS can choose to receive the service in the form of a printed bulletin or as e-mail. The non-profit and non-commercial service is distributed on a cost-sharing basis and on principles of capacity to pay.

E-Mail Edition
It is distributed as a private conference on About 40k of information is provided every working day. Paid subscribers will be given access to the closed conference 'suns.features'.

Annual subscription rates:

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):

South: US$150-$300
North: US$250-$500

Research Institutions, Government Agencies:

South: US$300
North: US$500

Printed Edition
The printed newsletter is distributed every working day from Geneva. It averages ten pages of text per edition.

Annual subscription rates:

Governments, Missions, Delegations

South: SFS3,000
North: SFS6,000


South: SFS1,500
North: SFS3,000

Send enquiries and subscriptions to
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Third World Network
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What readers say about SUNS:

Luis Fernando Jaramillo, Former Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations and Chairman of Group of 77 (1993):
"The SUNS is known for being one of the few news services available that caters to the information needs of developing countries with continuing and up-to-date news and analyses on developments in South-South and South-North relations..."

The Late Kenneth Dadzie, Former Secretary General UNCTAD:
"The SUNS and its coverage of international economic issues and negotiations has become an essential input to the capacity of UNCTAD to keep abreast of current negotiations and an important ingredient for our policy analysis..."

Jan Pronk, Minister for Development Cooperation, The Netherlands:
"...the continued publication of the SUNS is very important to reflect the news and opinions of international development policy making...I have always been very impressed by the quality of the bulletin as a channel for information on international negotiations. since my return to Netherlands in 1988 my appreciation even became higher. In Geneva itself, so close to negotiations, one is less aware of the information-gap abroad..."

Bal Krishna Zutshi, Former permanent Representative of India to GATT: "With its in-depth analyses of North-South dimensions of international relations in trade and economic spheres...and underlying policy trends common to various subject matters, SUNS has proved a helful tool in gaining a perspective on the 'wood' of international economic relations as distinct from the 'tree' of individual negotiating isues...and has emerged as a useful link among developing country delegations in Geneva...and can prove equally useful as a source of information and analyses in the capitals of developing countries."

Edith Ballantyne , President Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
"SUNS is an indispensable source of information on multilateral negotiations concerning trade and development and related issues, explaining the hidden forces that advance or halt negotiations and agreements. It is an essential help to us in our work to promote economic and social justice."

Park Soo Gill, Permanent Representative of Korea, Geneva
"For decision-makers interested in the viewpoints of the South and for those engaged in important negotiations in economic fields...SUNS speaks from the perspective of developing nations...reports agressively on activities of GATT and UN's specialized agencies and carefully treads a fine line between reporting and editorializing..."

Arpad Bogsch, Director-General of WIPO
"The SUNS is uniquely useful for anyone interested in international activities from the viewpoint of developing countries...very prompt, absolutely accurate and analysing the real issues..."