Third World Network Information Service on Biosafety

The Third World Newtork has  started an information service on biosafety and genetic engineering.

Our aim is to promote scientific understanding on biosafety issues and also to share information and experiences in the area of biosafety policies and laws as they develop at the international, regional and national levels.

Another objective is to improve the flow of information on these issues especially to policy makers, scientists and NGOs in developing countries, where there is an urgent need for information. This is especially so in view of the need for implementing the Biosafety Protocol at national level.

The TWN information service will provide documents relating to:

A.  general scientific information relating to genetics and genetic engineering;

B.   scientific information relating to biosafety and agriculture;

C.  scientific information on genetic engineering and food safety;

D.  scientific information on biosafety and health and medical applications;

E.   developments relating to the Biosafety Protocol;

F.   developments relating to national policies and laws on biosafety;

G.  NGO views and materials;

H.  information on existing or new documents published on biosafety;

I.    developments in the industry;

J.    other relevant matters.

For your convenience, when we put out a document, we will reference that document, indicating which of the above categories that document is classified under. For example, ‘Doc. TWN/Biosafety/2000/C’. This document reference indicates that we have put out the document in the year 2000 and that the document relates to the topic ‘C’, i.e. scientific information on genetic engineering and food safety.

If you have comments or suggestions, please also do let us know.



25 October 2000:
Legal Declaration of Dr Richard Lacey on Food Aspects of GE Crops (Doc.TWN/Biosafety/2000/C)

1 November 2000:
Use and Abuse of the Precautionary Principle

9 November 2000:
The ‘Golden Rice’: An Exercise in How Not to Do Science