TWN Trade and Development Series

This is part of a series of papers on trade and development that the Third World Network is publishing on issues that are of public concern for the countries of the South in particular and for the international community and public in general. The aim of the Papers is to generate discussion and contribute to the search for appropriate policies towards development that is oriented to fulfilling human needs, social equity and environmental sustainability.

Book No.1: From Marrakesh to Singapore-The WTO and Developing Countries by Magda Shahin

Book No.2: The WTO and the Proposed Multilateral Investment Agreement: Implications for Developing Countries and Proposed Positions by Martin Khor

Book No.3: Some Key Issues Relating to the WTO by Bhagirath Lal Das

Book No.4: The New Issues and Developing Countries by Chakravarthi Raghavan

Book No. 5: Trade and Environment in the WTO by Magda Shahin

Book No. 6: Globalisation: The Past in our Present by Deepak Nayyar

Book No. 7: The Implementation of the WTO Multilateral Trade Agreements, the 'Built-in' Agenda, New Issues, and the Developing Countries by Xiaobing Tang

Book No. 8: Strengthening Developing Countries in the WTO by C.Raghavan

Book No. 9: The WTO and its Dispute Settlement System: Tilting the balance against the South by C.Raghavan

Book No. 10: Negotiations on Agriculture and Services in the WTO:Suggestions for Modalities/Guidelines by B.L.Das

Book No. 11: The Implications of the New Issues in the WTO by B.L.Das

Book No. 12: Developing Countries, the WTO and a New Round: A Perspective by Ransford Smith

Book No. 13: Review of the TRIPS Agreement: Fostering the Transfer of Technology to Developing Countries by Caros Correa

Book No.14: The proposed new issues in the WTO and the interests of developing countries by Martin Khor

Book No.15: WTO: Challenges for Developing Countries in the Near Future by B.L.Das

Book No.16: Dangers of negotiating investment and competition rules in the WTO by B.L.Das

Book No.17: WTO Agreement on agriculture: Deficiencies and proposals for change by B.L.Das

Book No.18: Some suggestions for modalities in agriculture negotiations by B.L.Das

Book No.19: The WTO agriculture agreement:: Features, effects, negotiations, and suggested changes by Martin Khor

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