The Rise and Fall of Economic Liberalism: The Making of the Economic Gulag

Frederic Clairmont
Southbound & Third World Network
ISBN: 983-9054-12-0
356 pages, 14.0x21.4cm
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"Clairmont's classic of the 1960s, The Rise and Fall of Economic Liberalism has just been republished with a long new introduction...a blockbuster, physically and mentally...Clairmont's great strength is that he not only itemises all the numerous dimensions of the transnationalisation of capital, but also integrates them into a functional whole, and assesses their impact on the world. consequently, the book ends not with a whimper, but a big bang, so fasten your seat belts when you start to read it." Ted Wheelwright, Transnational Centre, University of Sydney


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Genesis of Liberalism

The Emergence of prometheus
Political Economy: A Liberating Force
Emergence of Revolt
Impact of the American Economy
Theorist of Growth
The Nation State
Repudiation of Specialisation
The Infant Industry Thesis
List: The Legacy

Chapter 3
The Indian Dossier

The Rape of India
Social Structure of Pre-British India
Pre-Capitalist Accumulation
Annihilation of Indian Manufactures
Social Relations of Agriculture
Cash Crops
British Rule: Imperial Foundations
Railway Investments
Railway Strategy
Later Deterrents to Industry
Attempts and Failures
The Utility of the Indian Dossier

Chapter 4
Morphology of International Investments

The Historial Setting
Outgrowths of the Great Depression
Neo-Mercantilist Tendencies
Foreign Investment Practice
China's Dossier

Investment Patterns

Geographical Distribution
Foreign Borrowing
The Failure of Foreign Capital

Franco-Russian Loan Debacle
British Foreign Investment
The Impact of War
The Debacle
Hot Money and Flight Capital

Chapter 5
Emergence of Interventionism

The Changed Historical Sequence
The Push of Private Investment
Obstacles to Capital Outflow

Private Investment: The Singer-Myint Critique

The Export Sector
The Dual Structure
Wage Payment as a Multiplier
The Supply Side

The Foreign Investment Image
The Prebisch-Dobb Analysis
The Accidental Forces in Specialisation
Technical Advances
Balanced Growth
Shift in Manpower Resources
Mobilising the Surplus
Imperatives of Economic Reorganisation
Land Distribution: The Framework
The Agarian Take-off

Chapter 6
Concluding Reflections: The Counterblast of Crisis