DRAFT NGO paper Multistakeholder Dialogues. DRAFT

Dear reader,

In front of you is the result of a joint effort between Third World Network, the Environment Liaison Centre International, and the Danish 92 Group also in co-operation with ANPED, the Northern Alliance for Sustainability. This paper, in two parts, is written as an initial contribution to the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue Session of the second preparatory meeting for the World Summit for Sustainable Development, and will form the basis of NGO discussions for the final draft to the 4th preparatory session.

The paper was written on request by the United Nations Secretariat and collects the views held by the network organisations involved, comments received via various e-mail list serves, as well as the views expressed by those NGO groups that participated in the regional preparatory conferences. Specific attention has been paid to emphasising the "Southern" NGO-perspective so that it can feature heavily during the Multi-stakeholder dialogues.

In no way, do the authors claim or wish to claim to represent the views of all NGOs. An attempt has been made to reflect views as encountered in the preparatory process so far. This paper should however develop as an "as common as possible" paper for the following preparatory meetings representing in an "as broadly as is possible" manner the views of the global NGO community. This paper should then be seen as the start of this daunting task, of which the aim is not consensus but a good reflection of views.

It may not be possible to include all views. Our NGO community is too diverse and time is too short to reach all, especially those of us who do the vital work and deal with the real problems on the local level. For that reason, this paper will never become THE NGO paper, and diverging views should and could certainly be submitted.

The first section of this paper describes key concerns voiced by many NGOs and NGO networks as to the reasons for the failure to effectively implement the sustainable development agenda since 1992. It was written by Third World Network with input received through an internet-discussion that was facilitated by ELCI. The assessment chapter can now be discussed via e-mail. To join this discussion, write a blank e-mail to The Chapter follows the four themes set out by the WSSD Bureau/Secretariat for the assessment and review of the implementation of sustainable development, which is the objective of the second preparatory meeting.

The second section summarises and analyses the positions taken by NGOs at the regional level in the past few months. This analysis was facilitated by the '92 Group. The analytical summary is posted on the for discussion.

Statistics will be included in the final draft of both papers to support various arguments and conclusions. In that respect, contributions supported with facts and figures from you would be most welcome.

This paper will have to be submitted to the United Nations Secretariat by January 2, 2002. The authors are willing to incorporate any views submitted until December 31, 2001. We apologise for the short time available for wider consultation. Funding is very limited for NGO participation in the preparatory process, and this is also true for this authoring exercise. The authoring networks concerned will certainly work towards more consultative time for the next multi-stakeholder dialogue paper preparations.

We look forward to receiving your comments, and to be part of a lively discussion in further adjusting the content of the paper, but, perhaps most importantly, discovering our common ground now that we stand at the cross-roads of international sustainable development co-operation.


Chee Yoke Ling and Saradha Thanarajasingam (Third World Network)

Barbara Gemmill and Annabell Waithitu (Environment Liaison Centre International)

Carole Saint Laurent and Hans-Peter Dejgaard (for the Danish 92 Group)

Pieter van der Gaag (ANPED, the Northern Alliance for Sustainability)