Inhuman Rights

The Western System and Global Human Rights Abuse

By Winin Pereira

As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in December 1998, it is important to place this historic document in its broader political, economic and cultural context. Winin Pereira's Inhuman Rights: The Western System and Global Human Rights Abuse presents a sharply critical and revealing account of how the West has actually misused conventionally defined human rights set forth in the Universal Declaration to promote and maintain its political and economic hegemony over the rest of the world.

In separate chapters on such rights as those of children, women and the family, the right to development and the right to food, health and education, the author reveals the hypocrisy of the West in maintaining the bloated and unsustainable lifestyles of its people by its continued exploitation of what he calls the "Two-Thirds" world. He successfully contrasts the widely publicised and loudly proclaimed human rights concerns of the West with its actual position today as a pre-eminent contributor to global human rights abuse.

A refreshing analysis from a very different perspective of the harsh realities of our increasingly "globalized" late twentieth century world and the first fiercely critical assessment and evaluation of the UN Declaration by a major thinker from the South

A joint publication of The Other India Press, India, The Apex Press, USA and Third World Network, Malaysia.

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