G77 Havana Summit: Third World leaders critique globalisation

  • Havana Summit critiques globalisation (M Khor/TWN)
    The first ever Summit of the Group of 77, which brought together high-level representatives from some 69 countries of the South, was held in Havana from 10-14 April. The Summit was not only a historic occasion but also an expression of the struggle of the South for a fairer share in global governance. Martin Khor, who attended the Summit, reports. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • South Summit: Redress imbalances in WTO agreements(M Khor/TWN)
    At the conclusion of their meeting, the G77 leaders and representatives at the Havana Summit issued a Declaration which addressed many of the key issues concerning the developing countries. Among these was the need to rectify the asymmetries in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreements. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • Reform WTO and financial architecture, says action plan (M. Khor/TWN)
    An action programme adopted by the G77 South Summit on 14 April sets out positions and proposals for future action in five major areas: globalisation, knowledge and technology, South-South cooperation, North-South relations and institutional follow-up. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • Coordinating commission set up (M. Khor/TWN)
    One positive outcome of the South Summit was the decision to establish a South Coordination Commission, with an executive Coordinator to direct its activities. Among other things, the Commission would coordinate the implementation of the Summit's Programme of Action as well as its decisions on South-South cooperation. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • Let the South in on globalisation, say Third World leaders(M.Khor/TWN)
    Pointing to the imbalances in the international economic system, both the Malaysian and Algerian leaders, in their respective speeches at the South Summit, called for the voice of the South countries to be heard in shaping a globalisation process for the benefit of all. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • Trading system in serious crisis, says G77 chair (M. Khor/TWN)
    In his opening speech to the Summit, the chairman of the G77 warned that the multilateral trading system under the aegis of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) was in serious crisis. Criticising the industrialised countries for their failure to take into consideration the legitimate interests of the developing countries, he called on them to demonstrate their commitment to genuine partnership with the South 'in practice and deeds, not just in words'. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • Castro: A new Nuremberg needed to try globalisation's crimes
    More than any other speech at the Summit, it was the address of Cuban President Fidel Castro at the opening session which articulated the criticisms and concerns of the South. We reproduce below an edited text of his speech. .(Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)

  • Foreign ministers call for democratised UN and an enlarged Security Council
    The 'democratisation' and modernisation of the United Nations were urged by some 40 Ministers from developing countries meeting informally in Havana to discuss the role of the UN in the 21st century. (Third World Resurgence No. 117, May 00)