TWN Climate Change Series no. 5

Understanding the Enhanced Transparency Framework and Its Modalities under the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement

By Vicente Paolo Yu, Amr Abdel-Aziz, Wang Tian and Gao Xiang

Publisher: TWN
ISBN: 978-967-0747-42-2
Year: 2020   No. of pages: 80
16.5 cm x 24 cm

About the Book

To assess progress towards curbing global warming, Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are required to provide information on actions taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, deal with the impacts of climate change, and support implementation of the UNFCCC commitments. Such reporting has now been significantly scaled up under the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) established by the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement.

Complying with these more rigorous reporting rules under the Paris Agreement may pose a challenge for developing countries given their capacity constraints. However, in line with the UNFCCC principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities”, a measure of flexibility is accorded to developing countries in the form of differentiated commitments with regard to the coverage and level of detail of reporting. Further, the ETF envisages the channelling of financial and technical assistance by developed countries to aid developing countries in reporting on their climate actions.

VICENTE PAOLO YU is a Senior Legal Adviser of the Third World Network, Visiting Research Fellow at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), and Associate Fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy. AMR ABDEL-AZIZ, president of Integral Consult, has more than 25 years of consulting experience in environment and energy sectors, including climate change. WANG TIAN is an assistant professor at the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) in China. GAO XIANG is a professor and Director of the Division of International Policy Research at the NCSC


1.    Introduction    

2.   National Climate Change Reporting for Developing Countries             

      under the UNFCCC and Its Paris Agreement

           A  The Existing Transparency Framework under the UNFCCC           

           B The Enhanced Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement            

                   1  Article 13 of the Paris Agreement                                            

                   2  Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines for the Implementation of Article 13 of the

                       Paris Agreement


3.  Impact of the Article 13 ETF on Developing Countries’ Climate  Change Reporting Requirements

Annex 1:    Comparison of Mandatory Reporting Elements for Non-Annex I Developing Country Parties in the National Communications, BURs and BTRs     

Annex 2:    Matrix of Mandatory and Discretionary Provisions under the  Article 13 Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement          


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