A.  Biosafety Protocol

model national biosafety law Model National Biosafety Law

This is a model national biosafety law which has been drawn up by the TWN. The author is Gurdial Singh Nijar, a legal advisor to the TWN. The rationale for this law is as follows: Nations of the South are increasingly faced with the prospect of the introduction into their countries of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and products derived from GMOs. It is now widely acknowledged that serious potential risks are presented by this technology. But the negotiations for an international biosafety protocol have been stalemated and the protocol is not expected to emerge before the new millennium dawns. Consequently, there are no regulations in place to deal especially with the movement across boundaries of these GMOs and their products. For this reason, countries are seeking to put in place national laws. Further, there are several aspects which are best addressed exclusively by national laws. This model law has been drafted to present one possible option.

See also:An introduction to the model national law on biosafety
This provides an introduction to the model biosafety law and lists its basic scheme.

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Cauliflower mosaic viral promoter: A recipe for disaster?
by Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan and Joe Cummins in Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease 1999, 11(4) by Scandinavian University Press

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B. Biosafety regulations, laws, policies

C. Biosafety and Agriculture

D. Genetic Engineering and Health

E. Genetic Engineering and Food Safety

F. Actions, Activities and News relating to genetic engineering


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