The Battle for Sarawak's Forest
Sahabat Alam Malaysia
ISBN: 967-99987-1-1 Second edition 304 pages 19x26.5cm
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'Without the forests, we are dead.' said a native in the rainforests of Sarawak, Malaysia. He is speaking for the hundreds of thousands of natives who depend on the forests for food, shelter and their very survival. Between 1963 and 1985, 2.8 million hectares or 30% of Sarawak's total forest area were logged. In 1984, another 60% (5.8 million hectares) were licensed out for logging.

Many timber licences issued by the Sarawak Government cover the customary land of the natives. And since early 1987 the natives have been putting up blockades across timber roads in a desperate attempt to stop logging activities.

The book is the first comprehensive collection of documents and articles closely related to the plight of the natives of Sarawak, and their courageous fight to save the forests.


Editor's Note to Second Edition
The Sarawak Native's Defence of Their Forests: Chronology of Developments

Part 1
The Sarawak Blockade and the Natives' Visit to KL (1987)

1. Penan Fight for Survival, Utusan Konsumer April 1987
2. Sarawak Blockage, Utusan Konsumer June 1987
3. Natives Bring Fight to KL, Utusan Konsumer July 1987
4. Press Reports on Natives Visit to KL, June 1987
5. Sarawak Natives Fight On, Utusan Konsumer October 1987
6. Logging Revived as Blockades Co, Borneo Bulletin, 7 November 1987

Part 2
Sarawak Natives' Battle Continues (1988-89)

7. Report on Sarawak Situation by SAM, February 1988
8. Sarawak Natives' Plight Worsens, Utusan Konsumer May 1988
9. International Experts Say Sarawak Natives Badly Affected by Logging, Utusan Konsumer March 1988
10. Ban Sarawak Timber, Says European parliament, Utusan Konsumer September 1988, and European Parliament Report on Deforestation in Sarawak, June 1988
11. Logging Blockage in Ulu Limbang, SAM Press Release, 14 June 1988
12. Exchange of Letters between SAM and Sarawak's Environment Minister July-August 1988
13. Sarawak Natives Set Up New Blockage, Utusan Konsumer July 1988
14. Penan Renew Protest, Utusan Konsumer December 1988
15. The Timber Industry: Differing Views
16. Battle Continues for Sarawak's Forests, Utusan Konsumer Mid-January 1989

Part 3 Sarawak Natives' Battle: Latest Developments (1989-90)

17. 128 Penan Arrested, Utusan Konsumer February 1989
18. Penan Are Also People, Utusan Konsumer Mid-February 1989
19. Logging not a Threat to Penans, Says Govt. Team, The Star 24 February 1989
Penan survival bound to health of forest, The Star 18 March 1989
20. Salute to These Brave People, Utusan Konsumer Mid-March 1989
21. Native People Have Land Rights: UN Agency, Utusan Konsumer Mid-July 1989
22. "The Logging Never Stops', Utusan Konsumer August 1989
23. Possible Logging Ban Fuels Frezied Felling, Utusan Konsumer September 1989
24. 117 Penan in Jail, Utusan Konsumer October 1989
25. Back to Jail: Arrested Penan Refuse Bail, Utusan Konsumer Mid-October 1989
26. Penan Plight Moves the World, Utusan Konsumer November 1989
27. European Parliament Resolution on Arrest of Sarawak Natives, 22 Nov. 1989
28. Blockades: 25 Penan Acquitted, Utusan Konsumer Mid-November 1989
29. "Warrior' Celebration" in Sarawak, Utusan Konsumer Mid-November 1989
30. Press Clippings on Log Export Ban
31. 'Developed to Death', Guest Editorial by WRM Coordinator, in BBC Wildlife, December 1989
32. More Penan Found Not Guilty, Utusan Konsumer Mid-January 1990
33. In Sarawak, A Clash Over Land and Power, Asian Wall Street Journal, 7 February 1990
34. Sarawak Natives' Situation Gets More Deperate, Utusan Konsumer Mid-February 1990
35. A Star Comment that Claims Sarawak's Forests Well-Managed, and SAM's Response
36. Uprooted Trees and Natives Snag Sarawak PR show, Utusan Konsumer March 1990
37. Flashback of Speech by Prince Charles on Tropical Rainforests and Indigenous Peoples in Daily Telegraph, 7 February 1990
38. Logging Reaching Unscathed Deep Interiors of Sarawak Utusan Konsumer Mid-March 1990
39. Moggie Hits Out at Timber Contractors, New Straits Times, 5 March 1990
40. Correspondence and News Reports Related to ITTO Mission to Sarawak, March-May 1990
41. Kayan Sue Logging Companies and Sarawak State Government, Utusan Konsumer Mid-March and Mid-April 1990
42. Court Cases involving Sarawak Natives and Their Fight Against Logging

Part 4
Declarations, Resolutions and Requests of the Sarawak Natives (1987-90)

43. Statement by Sarawak Native Delegation to KL, June 1987
44. Report on First Natives Workshop, July 1987
45. Resolutions of the First Natives Workshop, July 1987
46. Report and Declaration of Second Natives Workshop, September 1987
47. Statement by Penan Association, 6 February 1988
48. Statement by Penan Following Release from Jail, 29 January 1989
49. Resolution of Workshop of Native Communities, Baram District, 23-24 june 1989
50. Statement by Penan Association, October 1989
51. Resolutions of Uma Bawang meeting, 29-30 October 1989
52. Appeal Letters from Kenyah and Penan Communities in Belaga December 1989
53. Resolutions of Penan Association Meeting, 20-21 January 1990

Part 5
SAM Memorandum: Appeal by the Orang Ulu Natives to Protect their Lands, Forests and Resources

54. Appeal by Natives, 28 May 1987
55. Important Related Documents

Part 6
SAM Proposals for Resolving the Issue of Land and Forest Rights of Sarawak Natives

56. SAM Proposals

Part 7
World Recognises Natives' Struggle and SAM's Work in Sarawak

57. SAM Awarded Alternative Nobal Prize, Utusan Konsumer November 1988
58. Statement by Right Livelihood Awards Foundation
59. 'Need Not Greed' (Acceptance Speech of SAM President, 9 December 1988)
60. Live Simply - So That Others Can Simply Live (Speech by SAM Vice-President, 9 December 1988)
61. Harrison Ngau of SAM wins Goldman Prize, Utusan Konsumer May 1990
62. Environmental Prize for Six 'Grass-Root Heroes', San Francisco Chronicle 17 April 1990
63. Acceptance Speech by Harrison Ngau for the Goldman Environmental Prize, 16 April 1990