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SUNS #4431, Friday 7 May 1999


Trade: Supachai "very much" in the race, Chair can't rule him out (Chakravarthi Raghavan, Geneva)

Thailand: Row over WTO post fires anti-US feeling (IPS, Bangkok)

Trade: Africa registers the fastest growing economy, but... (IPS, Addis Ababa)

Trade: Worst may be over for commodities (IPS, Washington)

India: Saving livelihoods, remembering Gandhi (IPS, New Delhi)

Environment: Grim water forecast could end green revolution run (IPS, Colombo)

Excerpts from some selected articles:

Trade: Supachai "very much" in the race, Chair can't rule him out

Geneva, 6 May (Chakravarthi Raghavan) -- Some 50 delegations from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, supporting the candidature of Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi issued a statement Wednesday evening that only the General Council could decide on a Director-General, rejecting the view of the Chair and the western press that Supachai had been taken out of the race by the Chair and facilitator.

Earlier in the morning, some 58 delegations, not all of them fully behind Supachai, but nevertheless concerned about the process, had earlier met with General Council Chair, Amb. Ali Mchumo of Tanzania to impress on him the need to reconvene the General Council quickly.

The open-ended consultations, as one of them later described it, was "to clear a number of issues in a friendly manner", and that the process for selecting a candidate which began in July (and had been conducted by the facilitators and now by the Chairman and facilitator) had ended with the report of 30 April, and the normal rules of the organization and rules of procedure would have to apply.

The delegations had asked for an "open-ended consultations" with Mchumo, open to every member, but it would appear that the US and others campaigning for Michael Moore kept away or had not been asked by the chair to attend. Mchumo reportedly told the group that met him that he would need to consult with others about the Council meeting. Subsequently, the WTO said a meeting has now been set for Thursday afternoon.

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