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SUNS #4382
Thursday, 25 February 1999


Trade: The banana strikes again (Chakravarthi Raghavan)

Environment: Debate over transgenics heats up (IPS, Cartagena)

Trade: Agriculture biggest obstacle to closer EU-Mercosur ties (IPS, Cartagena)

Venezuela: Chavez launches military-led social plan (IPS, Caracas)

Finance: Corruption on display (IPS, Washington)

Bangladesh: Multimillion dollar plan to save Mangroves (IPS, Dhaka)

Environment: Water Problems Increasing in Middle East (IPS, Damascus)

Latin America: Andean integrated tourism project (IPS, Lima)

Excerpts from selected articles:

Trade: The banana strikes again

Geneva, 24 Feb (Chakravarthi Raghavan) -- The World Trade Organization will again be seized next week, at two separate meetings on successive days, of the European Community request for panel on WTO legality of US S.301 family of trade laws and the US request for authorization of trade sanctions against the EC.

Both are off-shoots of their dispute over bananas. The DSB grant of the EC request, appearing on the DSB agenda for the second time on 2 March, is automatic.

But, the US request though automatic, will be subject to legal challenges even over the adoption of the agenda; the US request for authority for trade retaliation is for an amount to be determined by the arbitrators under Art. 22.7 of the DSU, and whose determination will be available only on 2nd midnight, just a few hours before the meeting. The WTO/DSU rules require a 10-day notice.

But to get around the 10-day notice rule, and demonstrate to its domestic constituencies that the EC challenge to S.301 would not be allowed to come in the way of upholding Chiquita banana's rights, the US request for the 3rd meeting, says that the request is pursuant to Art. 22.7 of the DSU, and requests authorization for withdrawal of tariff and other trade concessions from the EC and its member states........


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