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SUNS #4367
Thursday, 4 February 1999


Trade: Ecuador charges US & EU for exploiting banana issue (Chakravarthi Raghavan, Geneva)

Brazil: Soros economist to head Central Bank (IPS, Rio de Janeiro)

Venezuela: Chavez promises to defuse time bomb (IPS, Caracas)

Finance: Germany launches debt initiative (IPS, Bonn)

United States: Enron bribed police to suppress Indian protests? (IPS, Washington)

India: Government eats humble pie over food subsidies (IPS, New Delhi)

Environment: UNEP urges members to pay up (IPS, Nairobi)

Environment: Germany ponders problem of nuclear waste (IPS, Berlin)

Excerpts from selected articles:

Trade: Ecuador charges US & EU for exploiting banana issue

Geneva, 3 Feb (Chakravarthi Raghavan) -- Ecuador, the South American country, which is the world's largest banana exporting country, accused the United States and the European Union Tuesday with using the banana dispute to pursue their own trade policy agendas which have little to do with bananas.

The Ecuadorian charge came in a press release (issued by its embassy in Brussels) coinciding with the presentation by Ecuador to the reconvened WTO banana panel in Geneva of why the new EU banana regime is not in compliance with the recommendation of the WTO, on basis of the ruling by the panel, as modified by the Appellate Body. Ecuador was a co-complainant (with the US, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico) at the WTO over the EC banana regime...........


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