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Wednesday, 27 January 1999


Trade: DSB suspends meeting after adoption of agenda is blocked (Chakravarthy Raghavan, Geneva)

Trade: Liberalisation, historically, hurt many economies (Someshwar Singh, Geneva)

UNCTAD: Another four-year term proposed for Ricupero (TWN, Geneva)

Zambia: More than 1.4 million need emergency food (IPS, Lusaka)

Environment: Cambodia fights toxic waste dump (IPS, Manila)

Jamaica: When mechanisation from the backend fails (IPS, Kingston)

Zimbabwe: Film producers seek foreign funding (IPS, Lusaka)

Excerpts from selected articles:

Trade: DSB suspends meeting after adoption of agenda is blocked

Geneva, 26 Jan (Chakravarthi Raghavan) -- The meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), which was suspended, without even adopting an agenda, Monday evening has now been put off till Thursday.

The impasse has arisen over the banana dispute and the US request, on the draft agenda, for authorization to retaliate against the EC over its new banana regime, which the US claims is not in compliance.

An extended, informal heads of delegations meeting Tuesday reportedly went over the legal and other issues involved. After the meeting, there was indication that if no solution to the impasse is found by Thursday, when the DSB meets again, the chair of the DSB, Kamel Morjane of Tunisia, would rule that the agenda had been accepted.

But whether he can or would do so is not very clear.................

Trade: Liberalisation, historically, hurt many economies

Geneva, Jan 26 (Someshwar Singh) -- Over the centuries, the fundamentals of international trade do not seem to have changed.

The pioneers of free trade and the champions of dismantling trade barriers have always made sure that their own economies would stand to gain. Otherwise, they would protect their own industries and, if necessary, simply change the rules of the game.

Only the ultimate weapons of coercion have changed - the brute force of canons has been replaced by the civilised power of dollar-loans which can bale indebted economies out of their mess.

That is the gist of the message in a recent UNCTAD discussion paper "How did developed countries industrialize? The History of Trade and Industrial Policy: The cases of Great Britain and the USA," by Mehdi Shafaeddin..........

UNCTAD: Another four-year term proposed for Ricupero

Geneva, 26 Jan (TWN) -- The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan has proposed another four year term for Rubens Ricupero as head of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), it is learnt. The choice, to be confirmed by the UN General Assembly, would extend Ricpero term until 14 Sep. 2003.


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