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SUNS #4359
Monday, 25 January 1999


Trade: US-EC raise stakes in banana fight (Chakravarthi Raghavan, Geneva)

Brazil: Real, stock markets slide against expectations (IPS, Rio de Janeiro)

Venezuela: Investors sitting on the fence (IPS, Caracas)

Colombia: Bringing an outdated road network into shape (IPS, Bogota)

Cuba: Medical purchases from USA still a `fantasy' (IPS, Havana)

Environment: US lawmakers push increased wind, solar energy use (IPS, Washington)

Russia: With Yeltsin irrelevant, post-Soviet team regroups (IPS, Moscow)

Excerpts from selected articles:

Trade: US-EC raise stakes in banana fight

Geneva, 22 Jan (Chakravarthi Raghavan) -- The United States and the European Community raised Friday the stakes in the dispute at the WTO over the EC banana regime - with the US all set to ask Monday the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body for authorization to retaliate against the EC, and the EC convening an emergency meeting of the WTO General Council for an authoritative interpretation of relevant WTO/DSU rules.

The US ambassador to the WTO, Mrs. Rita Hayes, on Friday (at a hurriedly summoned press conference) denounced the EC move for a General Council meeting as "appalling" and described the move as a "cynical proposal that has as its objective the frustration of the multilateral dispute settlement system", and seeks to amend the WTO agreement, which could be done only by consensus (which the US will block).

The EC move was announced Thursday at Brussels by the EC vice-president and trade commissioner, Sir Leon Brittan...........


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