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Recent News and Updates

Tribute to Martin Khor

NOT ZERO: How ‘net zero’ targets disguise climate inaction Joint technical briefing by climate justice organisations
(OCTOBER 2020)

India’s withdrawal from RCEP: A quantitative assessment

CSO Letter Supporting TRIPS Waiver Proposal
(Spanish) (French)

Briefing Paper
Nature-based solutions or nature-based seductions? (Spanish) (Portuguese) (Chinese) (French)
by Doreen Stabinsky
(September 2020)

TWN Series on Investment Facilitation #1: Scope Of An Investment Facilitation Framework: Implications For Its Developmental Claim
by Kinda Mohamadieh (July 2020)

IP & COVID-19 Vaccines Series #4: Publicly-funded Vanderbilt University aims for financial windfall
by Edward Hammond (August 2020)

IP & COVID-19 Vaccines Series #3: Patent dispute looms as a major complication for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine
by Edward Hammond (August 2020)

How ‘Digital Trade’ Rules Would Impede Taxation of the Digitalised Economy in the Global South
by Jane Kelsey, John Bush, Manuel Montes & Joy Ndubai

Moratorium on tariffs on Electronic Transmissions
by Manuel Montes & Jane Kelsey

Traditional knowledge in digital sequence info debate (Spanish) (French)
by Edward Hammond

Briefing Paper
Corporate power and States’ (in)action in response to the COVID-19 crisis
by Kinda Mohamadieh
(July 2020)

Briefing Paper
Covid-19: Trade policy choices for developing countries during and after the pandemic
by Ranja Sengupta
(June 2020)

Briefing Paper
Covid-19 reveals everything
by Bhumika Muchhala
(June 2020)

New scientific study on “Equity, Climate Justice and Fossil Fuel Extraction: Principles for a managed phase out”
by Greg Muttitt and Sivan Kartha

Briefing Paper
International negotiations by virtual means in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic
by Vicente Paolo Yu
(June 2020)

Open Letter on CS concerns over lack of governance and binding commitments on IP in COVID response

Visit Vaxmap (vaxmap.org)
Open source COVID-19 vaccine development and production capacity map

Civil Society Call to UN Sec-Gen and WHO DG
COVID-19: Operationalizing Fair and Equitable Benefit Sharing of Medical Products

Open Letter to Trade Ministries & WTO
Stop all negotiations during the COVID-19 outbreak; refocus on saving lives
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    Click cover for previous issues

    Issue No.343/344 (2020)

    COVER: DOUBLE WHAMMY: Surviving COVID-19 and the economic crisis

    Articles include:

    • A passionate voice of and for the South
    • Pandemic crisis: Dangers and opportunities
    • COVID-19 reveals everything

    • Click here for more


    Click cover for previous issues

    Issue No. 707 (16-30 Sept 2020)

    WTO members differ over reform, market-centred policies

    Articles include:

    • South rallies around developmental agenda for WTO reforms
    • China criticizes US on proposal on market-oriented conditions
    • Universal health coverage critical for effective COVID-19 response
      Click here for more

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    Last updated on 28 October 2020

    Supplementary Protection Certificates and Their Impact on Access to Medicines in Europe: Case Studies of Sofosbuvir, Trastuzumab and Imatinib by Yuanqiong Hu, Dimitri Eynikel, Pascale Boulet & Gaelle Krikorian

    Plurilateral Initiatives and Their Interaction with WTO Rules by Kinda Mohamadieh

    A Clash of Climate Change Paradigms by Martin Khor & Meenakshi Raman

    Battles in the WTO: Negotiations and Outcomes of the WTO Ministerial Conferences by Martin Khor

    Understanding the Enhanced Transparency Framework and Its Modalities under the UNFCCC's Paris Agreement by Vicente Paolo Yu, Amr Abdel-Aziz, Wang Tian & Gao Xiang

    The Equitable Sharing of Atmospheric and Development Space: Some Critical Aspects by Martin Khor

    Madrid Climate News Updates (December 2019)

    Where There Are No Pharmacists (2nd Edition): A Guide to Managing Medicines for All Health Workers

    Bonn Climate News Updates (June 2019)

    The WTO and Its Existential Crisis by Chakravarthi Raghavan

    The Malaysian Economy: Structures and Dependence by Martin Khor Kok Peng

    Factors That Get in the Way of Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Medicines in Humans by Beverley Snell

    Analysis of AMR Plans in the Western Pacific and South-East Asia Regions by Beverley Snell

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