Issue No. 644, 1-15 July 2017
Trade wars on the horizon?  

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On the brink of a new trade war?
The world is on the edge of trade conflicts as US President Trump decides on actions to take against countries he calls “trade cheaters”. Martin Khor considers the outlook for Malaysia, in this article originally written for a Malaysian daily.

Indigenous peoples continue to face challenges to their rights
Exclusion and discrimination against the world’s indigenous peoples remain rife despite growing recognition of their rights, according to the UN.
by Kanaga Raja

Opinion: First as tragedy, now as farce
In August 1982, a Mexican default set off a broader debt crisis that would undermine economic progress in the region. Thirty-five years on, and with the threat of debt distress looming over the developing world, it is high time to heed the lessons from the Latin American experience.
by Mark Perera

Opinion: Leadership failure perpetuates stagnation
Seemingly in thrall to powerful oligopolistic interests, today’s global leadership is shying away from pursuing the policies sorely needed to foster economic growth and recovery.
by Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Analysis: After neoliberalism, what next?
With the established neoliberal order no longer capable of delivering growth or stability, Jayati Ghosh outlines the possible contours of a more equitable and sustainable framework of economic relations.

Analysis: How EPAs can undermine African agriculture
The market-opening Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) the EU is negotiating with African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries could spell harm to the ACP economies, not least to their small farmers and food security. The following extract from a report by international farmers’ rights NGO GRAIN examines the grave threat posed by the EPAs.