Issue No. 633, 16-31 January 2017
Austerity-related labour reforms harm human rights – UN expert

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Austerity-related labour reforms harmful to working people
Labour market deregulation does not seem to have helped countries recover from financial crises but has instead undermined workers’ rights, according to a UN human rights expert.
by Kanaga Raja

EU austerity policies undermining rights, increasing inequalities
In an addendum to his report, the UN Independent Expert decries the impairment of human rights caused by austerity policies implemented in the EU in response to the eurozone financial crisis.
by Kanaga Raja

WTO secretariat reproached for vitiating negotiating climate
India has criticized the WTO secretariat for appearing to promote the contentious subjects of e-commerce and investment facilitation in the face of a lack of consensus among WTO member states on these issues.
by D. Ravi Kanth

WTO members voice their views on key issues for MC11
The  23 February HOD meeting at the WTO also saw member states discuss what issues to prioritize in the run-up to the trade body’s eleventh Ministerial Conference this December.
by Kanaga Raja

Opinion: Planned US border tax would most likely violate WTO rules
The border adjustment tax mooted to improve the US trade balance may fall foul of WTO rules, but whether this will compel the US to scrap the controversial plan is another matter.
by Martin Khor

Opinion: Avoid patent clauses in trade treaties that can kill millions
By strengthening patent monopolies on medicines, new trade agreements under negotiation can price life-saving treatments out of reach of needy patients.
by Martin Khor