Issue No. 632, 1-15 January 2017
WTO DG’s non-response to Trump threat raises concern

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WTO DG’s silence on Trump assault on multilateral trade system causing concern
The lack of response by the WTO head to the new US government’s apparent turn away from multilateral trade liberalization has sparked concern among some trade envoys.
by D. Ravi Kanth

Azevedo rebuked by India over “value-loaded” statements
The WTO Director-General has come under fire from India for making “value-loaded” statements claiming “wide divergences” among the WTO membership over the setting up of a special safeguard mechanism to protect developing-country farmers.
by D. Ravi Kanth

Differentiation among developing countries on the cards for WTO?
The WTO Director-General has reportedly signalled future differentiation among developing countries in the application of flexibilities enshrined in the rules of the trade body.
by D. Ravi Kanth

TRIPS amendment on access to cheaper drugs comes into force
The first ever amendment to a multilateral WTO agreement enables affordable versions of patented medicines to be exported to countries lacking the capacity to produce them.
by Kanaga Raja

LDC graduation the “first milestone”, not the “winning post”
The least developed countries should not just look to meet the criteria for graduating from LDC status but also establish the foundations for development beyond graduation, states a report recently discussed at a meeting of a UN economic body.
by Kanaga Raja

Global FDI flows fell 13% last year, bumpy recovery ahead
Global flows of foreign direct investment dropped in 2016, while a projected recovery this year could be affected by significant policy uncertainties, according to UNCTAD.
by Kanaga Raja

Ecuador revives campaign for UN tax body
As the new chair of the largest developing-country bloc in the UN, Ecuador is pushing for action against tax havens and for the establishment of a UN body to promote international tax justice.
by Thalif Deen

Opinion: Beware the new US “border tax” plan
US leaders are hatching a new protectionist instrument that may even be worse than tariffs, with potentially devastating effects on developing countries.
by Martin Khor 

Opinion: US trade hawks and the China bogey
A US strategy targeting China’s “trade cheating” would be misguided and risk triggering a damaging economic conflict, cautions Jomo Kwame Sundaram.

Opinion: How UK foreign aid benefits the 1%
The missteps of the UK’s development finance institution lay bare the serious shortcomings of a private-sector-driven model of development assistance.
by Theo Morrissey