Issue No. 629, 16-30 November 2016
Trump presidency casts effect on trade and finance

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Initial global effects of Trump even before taking office
The incoming presidency of Donald Trump in the US may promise turbulent times ahead not only for Americans but for the rest of the world as well, with impacts already registered on the financial, trade and climate change fronts.
by Martin Khor

Rethinking trade policy and protectionism in the Trump era
Looking more specifically at the potential trade implications of a Trump presidency, Martin Khor writes that the heightened focus in the US on trade should prompt a review of how trade policy can work for or against the public interest.

South stress on outcomes on public stockholding, SSM, LDC issues
Trade diplomats heard reports on the state of play in the WTO negotiations at a 1 December meeting and also conveyed their countries’ respective positions on the talks.
by Kanaga Raja

Positions unchanged on public stockholding, SSM, says chair
Major differences persist among the membership over two key demands of many developing countries in the WTO agriculture talks – a greenlight for public food stocks and a Special Safeguard Mechanism against market volatilities.
by Kanaga Raja

Cotton producers call for an outcome on cotton at MC11
Cotton-producing countries have urged the WTO to tackle the longstanding subsidy-induced distortion of trade in the crop at its next Ministerial Conference.
by Kanaga Raja

No deal at EGA talks, no date for resumption either
An accord on freeing up trade in so-called environmental goods continues to elude negotiators from participating countries.
by Kanaga Raja

Leave no one behind – the right to development
Thirty years on from the adoption of the landmark UN Declaration on the Right to Development, much remains to be done to enhance its effectiveness in building an inclusive global society.
by Rose Delaney

Opinion: Ensuring shared progress for sustainable development and peace
More equitable economic policies are needed to deliver sustained growth and enduring peace.
by Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Opinion: The “left behind” once had a real voice: the globalization protesters of the 1990s
The latest responses to the depredations of the neoliberal order have taken a worrying turn into an insular nativism. To change course, writes Andy Price, it’s time to revive the ideas of the alter-globalization movement.

Opinion: TiSA would put workers and consumers at risk
The Trade in Services Agreement currently under negotiation would ill serve the interests of workers, small enterprises and consumers alike, contends Yorgos Altintzís.