Issue No. 628, 1-15 November 2016
E-commerce gets push at WTO, development issues sidelined

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WTO GC chair ignores core development issues, pushes e-commerce
The chair of the WTO General Council is seeking to press forward the contentious agenda on electronic commerce at the trade body in the face of developing-country opposition.
by D. Ravi Kanth

US, allies try another NAMA pluri, cloaked as ICT-NTBs
Developed-country WTO members are spearheading a move – outside the multilateral framework of the Doha work programme – to lower non-tariff barriers to trade in information and communication technology products.
by D. Ravi Kanth

DG selection (reappointment) process off to preemptive start
The selection of the next Director-General of the WTO will officially get underway on 1 December with the nomination process, and incumbent Roberto Azevedo has announced his decision to seek reappointment.
by D. Ravi Kanth

Strong support for UN panel’s recommendations on access to medicines
Developing-country WTO members have welcomed a recent report by a UN panel which called on governments to make full use of flexibilities allowed by the WTO’s intellectual property rules to promote access to medicines.
by Kanaga Raja

CETA a corporate-driven, “flawed” treaty, charges UN expert
The newly signed free trade accord between the EU and Canada gives undue power to corporations at the expense of national governments and human rights, says a UN rights expert.
by Kanaga Raja

Options lacking to help developing countries tackle debt crises
Participants at a recent seminar at the UN lamented the absence of a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism amid the growing threat of debt crisis facing many developing countries.
by Tharanga Yakupitiyage and Lyndal Rowlands

Opinion: Privatization the problem, rarely the solution
In the next two articles, Jomo Kwame Sundaram takes issue with unqualified advocacy of privatization of public enterprises. The first article points to adverse effects of privatization, while the article which follows contends that state-owned enterprises can be run efficiently.

Opinion: Are public enterprises necessarily inefficient?
by Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Analysis: People-powered cities: From the UN climate talks to energy democracy
A just and sustainable approach to tackling the climate change crisis demands democratization of energy production, distribution and supply, Lavinia Steinfort stresses in this article written as the annual UN climate conference was taking place in Marrakesh.