Issue No. 624, 1-15 September 2016
IPRs fail to bring promised benefits – study

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The unfulfilled promises of intellectual property rights
Stringent standards of intellectual property protection have not delivered increased innovation and other promised benefits, according to a new study.
by Kanaga Raja

G20 affirm DDA on post-Nairobi work but open door to RTA issues
At their recent summit in Hangzhou, the G20 major economies agreed to address the unresolved Doha Development Agenda issues in the WTO, but also left an opening for issues from regional trade arrangements to enter the scope of discussion in the trade body.
by D. Ravi Kanth

Talks to finalize EGA intensify but deal remains uncertain
Whether a plurilateral agreement to scrap import tariffs on a range of so-called environmental goods can be secured by December remains up in the air.
by D. Ravi Kanth

US risks “systemic” repercussions, “legal uncertainty” on DSU
India has taken issue with the inconsistent stances adopted by the US with regard to trade disputes in the WTO.
by D. Ravi Kanth

Developing nations seek tax body to curb illicit financial flows
The developing nations are persisting in their efforts, in the face of developed-country opposition, to establish an intergovernmental body to tackle corporate tax dodging and improve international cooperation on tax issues.
by Thalif Deen

Opinion: What if the US fails to ratify the TPP?
The United States may or may not ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. How should other TPP countries respond when the American political dynamics unfold?
by Martin Khor

Opinion: Nigeria, Tanzania and the EU: Free trade discord
Nigeria and Tanzania are rejecting new free trade pacts with the EU – and for good reason, contends Rick Rowden.

Opinion: The myth of expansionary fiscal consolidation
Contrary to claims by fiscal hawks, sharp cuts in public debts and deficits do not boost economic growth, write Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram.

Analysis: An intergovernmental UN tax body – why we need it and how we can get it
The absence of a coherent global tax system has seen countries lose billions of dollars to tax-dodging corporations and wealthy individuals. In a briefing paper reproduced below, Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development) makes the case for an intergovernmental UN body that would work to plug the leakage.