Issue No. 319/320 Mar/Apr 2017)

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COVER: Automation, digitalisation and the gig economy: Implications for developing

Automation, robots and the threat of economic disruption in developing countries
Deepening use of automation is threatening mass displacement of jobs everywhere, and developing countries could be the worst hit.
By Martin Khor

Robots and industrialisation in developing countries
The following UN policy brief considers some vital questions about robots and industrialisation in developing countries.

Digitalisation and the gig economy: Implications for the developing world
Unless they get their act together, the developing countries risk being locked into a digital dependency which will ultimately impact on their national sovereignty.
By Parminder Jeet Singh and Richard Hill

Automate this!: Delivering resistance in the gig economy
In the workplace, automation and technology have tipped the balance of power greatly in favour of capital but workers are contesting this situation, logging out and calling the shots.
By Jamie Woodcock

The gig economy
The gig economy is a fitting feature of a fly-by-night world in which all human activity is broken down into simple, measureable tasks: a commodification of work.
By Jeremy Seabrook

The gig economy: hype and reality
Economist Gerald Friedman warns that the much-hyped gig economy is a road to ruin for workers.
By Lynn Stuart Parramore

Gig economy, gig health?
There is a need for more research on the health effects of the gig economy as the loss of what were once accepted as basic workers' rights may have public health impacts.
By Chris Yuill

Ensuring security in the international digital order
The only way to ensure security in the emerging digital order is by nation states entering into an international compact to ban all cyber weapons.
By Prabir Purkayastha


US military is world's largest polluter
The recent massive jet fuel spill at a US naval station located close to the Atlantic Ocean has thrown the spotlight on the US military's role in polluting our planet.
By Whitney Webb


Defence of right to water drives call for land reform in Chile
There is growing support in Chile for a second land reform which will make water a public good once more.
By Orlando Milesi

Caught between Scylla and Charybdis: The effects of Greece's loss of sovereignty
Greece's complete helplessness and impotence in the face of the fight over its fate between its creditors is a measure of its loss of sovereignty.
By CJ Polychroniou

China: Belt and Road Initiative
The head of a regional UN development agency says how China’s Belt and Road Initiative can help to put Asia on a sustainable development path.
By Shamshad Akhtar

The Belt and Road Initiative: China's answer to globalisation?
In May China held an international forum in Beijing to explain its Belt and Road Initiative.
By Pepe Escobar


Iran's conservatives lose a presidential election and more
An analysis of the recent Iranian election's outcome and how President Hassan Rouhani pulled off his convincing victory for a second term in office.
By Farideh Farhi

Fear and loathing in Turkey
The massive crackdown on citizens by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the failed July 2016 military coup has caused widespread disquiet, as has his decision to steamroll a controversial referendum on changing the country's political system.
By Umit Cizre

Two sides of the Palestinian coin: Hunger strike/Gaza
The international media paid scant notice to the plight of Palestinians in Israel’s oppressive prison conditions, just as it has pointedly ignored the deepening crisis facing the people of Gaza.
By Richard Falk

Syria: Neocons get almost giddy
When President Trump ordered the cruise-missile strike against Syria in April, it revived the spirits of many of the neoconservative hawks in Washington.
By Jim Lobe


Survival of Africa's indigenous peoples 'seriously threatened'
A new report on the state of the indigenous peoples around the globe has highlighted the serious threats to the life and livelihood of indigenous peoples of Africa.
By Baher Kamal

Forty years on, Argentina's bravest mothers keep marching
Argentina’s now octogenarian ‘Mothers of Plaza de Mayo’ continue to march demanding full accountability for their '30,000 disappeared' children at the hands of the military junta in power 40 years ago.
By Mar Centenera


Rural struggles in India against exploitation bring women to the fore
A fair day's wage for a fair day's work has been the main goal of women workers in rural India. Although this struggle has been bitter and protracted, women workers have demonstrated great tenacity in fighting and organising themselves to realise this goal.
By Bharat Dogra


Invasion of the Putin-Nazis
A look into claims that the Russians are secretly running the White House...
By CJ Hopkins


If you’ll just go to sleep
The first Latin American winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, this Chilean poet was especially passionately concerned about the plight of poor children. The theme of a mother's love is a familiar one in her poetry.
By Gabriela Mistral

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